10 Quick, Inconvenient Truths About ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker

Progressive leftist Democrat Senator Cory Booker auditioned for his likely 2020 presidential bid on Wednesday, using slimy innuendo to try to craft out of thin air a racist narrative around fellow Senator Jeff Sessions, the nominee to be the nation’s next attorney general.

Without providing evidence, of course, Booker shamefully argued that Sessions would not “aggressively pursue the congressional mandate of civil rights, equal rights and justice for all our citizens.”

“His record indicates that we cannot count on him…to bring justice to the justice system,” Booker said, again failing to provide any evidence to back up his smear campaign against Jeff Sessions.

Rather than enforce the law equally, Booker said that the next attorney general must have “more courageous empathy,” and “must bring hope and healing” to the country. Here’s a short clip from today’s Sessions’ hearing comparing Booker’s political assassination today versus his praise of Sessions, including in regards to civil rights, just a short year ago (story continues below video):

How enforcing the laws — as written — can “bring hope and healing” is anyone’s guess but it’s not the leftist’s agenda to follow laws. Rather their agenda is to bastardize them in order to favor an anti-American outcome.

  1. Just a year ago, Cory Booker was quite the fan of Jeff Sessions, singing his praises for working with him on civil rights issues, declaring that he was “blessed and honored” to work with Sessions.
  2. Booker has a history of flat-out making things up to fit his leftist narrative and further his political rise to power by duping and deceiving American voters. Some of his history of using such a sleazy tactic is detailed in the points below.
  3. When Cory Booker was mayor of Newark, New Jersey, his crony friends made out like bandits and he ran the city like a corrupt crime family operation.
  4. Con man Cory pocketed almost $700,000 — undisclosed — from his former law firm while serving as mayor of Newark. The law firm, Trenk, DiPasquale, Webster received over $2 million from Newark’s Housing Authority, the Watershed Conservation Development Corporation, and a wastewater agency.
  5. Booker invented a fictitious character, a supposed violent “drug lord” whom he gave the gangster-sounding name “T-Bone.” Booker used the character to shake down taxpayers using a fable where “T-Bone” is painted as a sympathetic figure. Booker later was forced to admit that there was no T-Bone other than the leftist ideology floating around between his ears.
  6. Booker told another tall tale in 2007, claiming that deceased Newark community organizer Judith Diggs, an advocate of government childcare, died in a “truly poetic way…at school in front of a roomful of kids.” In fact, Booker or one of his handlers invented the story. Diggs family corrected the record — she died in her office.
  7. Cultural Marxist and multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey held a fundraiser for Cory Booker‘s Senate campaign, calling him a “rock star mayor” and has made him a guest on her TV program.
  8. In 2013, Booker’s supposed neighbors revealed that he didn’t live in Newark but was living in New York. “Cory Booker don’t live here,” said James Sharp, one neighbor. “Only his bodyguards live here.” Another described Booker as “a liar.”
  9. Booker used his elite, crony connections with Silicon Valley for personal gain in a sleazy arrangement with Google’s Eric Schmidt, a hardcore progressive leftist, that even made the leading member of the Democrat Media Complex, the New York Times, cringe.
  10. Another one of Booker’s tall tales was his claim that a teenager who had been shot died in his arms, greedily trying to not let a tragedy go to political waste. The teenager didn’t die in Booker’s arms — he made it up — but he may have made matters worse. “He came over and picked him up,” said an eyewitness. “A lot of people said, ‘You’re not supposed to move somebody after they get shot.’ The bullets might start moving around.” The victim died in the hospital, not in Booker’s arms.

Much like Obama, Cory Booker is not really down for the struggle, despite his Marxist rhetoric to the contrary. Booker was the son of two of the first black executives at IBM. He was born in Washington, D.C., but raised in a predominantly white suburb about 20 miles north of Newark.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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