117 MILLION Passwords BREACHED from Major Social Media Platform


A hacker by the name of “Peace” is claiming that a 2012 breach of LinkedIn, the popular business-oriented social media site, was worse than initially reported.

In 2012, it was reported that there were 6.5 million LinkedIn accounts whose information was breached. The usernames and passwords were posted online.

“Peace” is now claiming to have a database of 167 million accounts. Of this number, 117 million supposedly contains both email addresses and passwords. He is looking for a buyer for this information at an asking price of 5 bitcoins, which is currently valued at $2,300.

When the breach occurred in 2012, LinkedIn reset the passwords for all accounts the company believed were affected. This new revelation indicates that their response to the 2012 breach of their system may not have been sufficient.

It is highly recommended that you reset your password if you have a LinkedIn account. It is possible to set up a two-step verification process to make it more difficult for someone who acquires your login information to actually access your account.

The Daily Caller detailed the steps users should look into taking in order to protect their accounts and their online privacy.

  • Obviously, changing your LinkedIn password is a good start. While you’re at it, make sure it’s a sound password (a series of random words works well), and not a weak one such as “linkedin.”
  • Change your password for any accounts that use the same Password as your LinkedIn one.
  • In the future, avoid using identical passwords for any accounts that carry important personal or financial data.
  • Activate two-step verification (2SV) on LinkedIn and other websites. When activated, 2SV requires you to input a password sent to your phone or email whenever somebody tries to log in to you account from a new device. This means hackers can’t access your accounts, even if they have your password, unless they have also hacked your email or have physical access to your phone.

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