12-Year-Old Girl Attacked Because She’s White

For the second time in two weeks, a 12-year-old Kansas City, Missouri girl has been physically attacked at school because she’s white and both the mother, Chandis Kee, and the child feel totally helpless. The daughter, Blessyed, now says she no longer wants to be white after being verbally harassed and punched in the face by young hateful racists because of her skin color.

FOX4KC reports:

Police say a 12-year-old girl was punched in the face at school by another student Monday at the Frontier School of Excellence off 56th Street and Troost in Kansas City.

Chandis Kee said this is the second time in two weeks her daughter was attacked, and she said it’s because of her race.

“About two weeks ago she reported being called racial names,” the mom said.

She said that’s about the time her 12-year-old daughter Blessyed was first attacked by two girls.

“One pushed her and the other one pushed her and she tried to fight back, that was the end of that. They called her racial names that day,” she said.

School officials confirmed that the attacks happened, that they were unprovoked but claimed the situation was “quickly rectified and resolved.” However, the mother said that on Monday, her daughter was attacked again and the daughter said she doesn’t even know the attacker.

“She just started hitting me in my face area. Everything went black and every time she hit me, it was just like bursts of light. It happened so fast, and then I wondered, ‘Why would she do this?’ because I didn’t even know the girl. I’ve never seen her or ever talked to her.” Blessyed Kee, who is a white minority in the school, said.

FOX 4 obtained a copy of the police report from. It describes the victim’s swollen eye, and the vice principal told police “the attack was unprovoked.”

“It’s been multiple times. People call me white when I’m walking down the hallway or [pointing to the playground] we were standing over there one day and someone called me a white curse word,” Blessyed said.

Mrs. Kee said that the school had been alerted that Blessyed was being called racial slurs in advance of the attacks and that the school did nothing about it.

“She doesn’t want to be white anymore. I can’t change her color,” said the mother. “She’s white.”

Watch the full report from Fox4KC below:

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