Donald Trump Declared Winner in South Carolina Primary

Bombastic billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump won decisively in the South Carolina Republican Primary on Saturday, defeating both constitutional conservative Ted Cruz and pro-amnesty Marco Rubio by a significant margin.

Most news services called the race, surprisingly, with only 1% (or less) of votes in on Saturday night, with others, like CNN, waiting until 3% of votes were in to declare the real estate mogul the winner over both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

At 8:20 PM ET, with 66% reporting, Donald Trump had 32.9% of the vote, followed closely behind by Marco Rubio at 22.2% and Ted Cruz at 21.8%.

Second and third place have been going back and forth between Cruz and Rubio the whole evening and either could claim a second place finish before the night is over.

The latest Real Clear Politics average of polls in South Carolina just prior to Saturday’s vote, Trump had 31.8%, Rubio 18.8%, and Cruz in third place at 18.5%, indicating the polls were not far off from the final result.

RINO Jeb Bush, who invested a lot in South Carolina and trotted out both his popular former president brother, George W. Bush, and his mother, Barbara Bush, thus far is in a disappointing fifth place at only 8.0%, while Dr. Ben Carson (6.8%), who predicted a strong third-place finish, came in last place.

Bush promptly announced that he was dropping out of the race following his disappointing finish which had to be a major disappointment to the GOP establishment considering over $100 million was invested in Bush’s campaign, a major waste of money.

RINO John Kasich (8.1%), who believes that Jesus is somehow for Obamacare, came in fourth place after a second place finish in New Hampshire.

While some may predict that the race is over at this point, keep in mind that 64% of Republicans still voted for someone other than Donald Trump.

Despite Ben Carson’s last place finish, he told supporters after polls closed, and after it was clear that he was finishing in last place, that he was staying in the race.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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