Ted Cruz Responds to Islamic Terrorist Attacks on Easter

Following the horrific Islamic terrorist attacks that targeted Christians on Easter Sunday, attacks that resulted in the deaths of dozens while injuring scores more, constitutional conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz responded in a statement that America must redouble its resolve to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

“The evil that is radical Islamism struck in Pakistan today–the very day we celebrate the resurrection of the Prince of Peace–in a shocking display of savagery,” Cruz said.

 “Once again we are reminded there are no holidays from this enemy, and no one–not commuters going to work in Brussels, not mothers and children celebrating Easter in a park in Lahore–are immune from its wrath. We must redouble our resolve to band with friends and allies to defeat it. Our prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.”

On FOX News Sunday, Ted Cruz told Shannon Bream that the attacks like the ones in Pakistan and Brussels over the past week are not lone wolf attacks, nor are they isolated incidences, but are part of a “global jihad being waged by radical Islamic terrorism” against the U.S., Europe and Israel.

Cruz excoriated Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry for having a foreign policy “bound up” by political correctness and explained the dangerous consequence, including their desire to bring thousands of Muslim Syrians to America with no plausible vetting policy.

“One of the consequences of the political correctness of this administration is they embrace policies that make no sense. Obama and Hillary Clinton both support bringing tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees to America despite the fact that ISIS tells us they intend to infiltrate those refugees with jihadists coming here to kill us — and despite the fact that the FBI tells us they cannot vet those refugees to make sure they’re not terrorists.”

Ted Cruz said that America needed a commander-in-chief that would be focused on keeping America safe, including “utterly destroying ISIS” and defeating radical Islamic terrorism.

Cruz expanded on his recent comments following the Brussels terrorist attacks in which he declared that law enforcement must be enhanced in predominantly Muslim neighborhoods, a proclamation that caused progressive leftist Democrats, who favor Islam over Christianity, to be outraged.

When asked what such a plan would look like when implemented, Cruz responded:

What that looks like is proactive law enforcement — what that looks like is addressing the problem and engaging the problem using every tool — law enforcement, using national security, using intelligence, using the military abroad to defeat the enemy.

Ted Cruz explained that New York City previously had such a program under former mayor Michael Bloomberg, however, the plan was canceled by current Mayor Bill de Blasio (formerly Warren Wilhelm, Jr.).  Cruz said that the policy got police involved in Muslim communities to prevent radicalization before it happened as well as preventing radical Islamic terrorist cells from forming.

Cruz said that de Blasio canceled the successful program because of political correctness.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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