4 Racist, Anti-Trump Thugs Kidnap, Torture Disabled Man On FB Live

In what has to easily be the most troubling story of the young, new year of 2017, four racist black thugs recorded themselves on Facebook Live torturing a young white, mentally handicapped man who they had kidnapped, gagged and tied up — a man that they had also forced to drink out of a toilet (see two videos below — WARNING: GRAPHIC).

Throughout the video, the mentally handicapped young man, reported to be a fellow student of the accusers, is repeatedly kicked, hit, and cut on his scalp, unable to defend himself from the violent gang of racist and hateful thugs.

Shouting “Fuck Donald Trump, nigga! Fuck white people, boy!” you can hear the thugs saying at one point in the disturbing video, an indication that the video is both racially and politically motivated, spirited by the racially divisive culture crafted by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and the entire Democrat Party that has treasonously used racial identity politics to spread their anti-America, divide and conquer agenda.

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However, during a Chicago police press conference on Wednesday evening following the arrest of the four thugs allegedly in the video, police are reluctant to refer to the horrific crime as a “hate crime,” seeming to brush it off as just good-old fashioned youthful roughhousing.

FOX 32 reports that Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said:

“I think some of it is just stupidity, people just ranting about something that they think might make a headline. I don’t think that at this point we have anything concrete to really point us in that direction, but we’ll keep investigating and we’ll let the facts guide us on how this concludes.”

He sounds like Obama after an Islamic terrorist attack where the radical Muslim terrorist said “Allahu Akbar” and Obama and the media wonder what the motive is, doesn’t he?

Chicago Police Department Commander Kevin Duffin said, “Kids make stupid decisions — I shouldn’t call them kids, they’re legally adults. But they’re young adults and they make stupid decisions.”

We’re anxiously waiting for Obama himself, along with the professional racial grievance industry profiteers beneath him to hold marches in protest of this despicable violence. Below is what happens when you convince for eight years that a certain segment of the population are “victims” and must seek retribution for their perceived grievances.


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Matthew K. Burke
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