A Head Just Rolled at the Obama EPA Over Flint Water Scandal and Cover-Up

Marxists Obama and EPA Chief Gina McCarthy

Of course, everyone knows that it’s virtually impossible to get fired from a cushy government bureaucracy post.

But at least, this is a start.

As Flint, Michigan residences have been drinking poisonous water, a scandal that is threatening the lives of its citizens because of the high lead content, the head of the Obama EPA that covers the Michigan area has resigned, assumably with pension and benefits intact.

Without admitting any guilt, even though she wouldn’t have resigned if she wasn’t guilty, the Obama EPA announced on Thursday:

“EPA Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman has offered her resignation effective Feb. 1, and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has accepted given Susan’s strong interest in ensuring that EPA Region 5’s focus remains solely on the restoration of Flint’s drinking water.”

According to a story on Tuesday by The Detroit News, an Obama EPA water “expert,” Miguel Del Toral, knew of Flint’s drinking water problems as far back as February of last year, confirmed his concerns in April, and summarized the disaster in an internal EPA memo in June (only a bureaucrat can take months to send a memo apparently).

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Susan Hedman, the Obama EPA apparatchik who was forced out, is being accused of burying the memo, covering up a scandal that has become the norm for the scandal-plagued Obama Regime (see: Benghazi, IRS targeting scandal, etc.).

Just last year, the commie greenists, warmists and controlists at the Obama EPA admitted causing the horrific chemical spill in a major Colorado river, resulting in a “Dorito-hued sludge,” that the agency has still not been punished over.

The tyrannical and abusive bureaucracy continues to be plagued by employees who are more interested in watching pornography all day than doing their jobs.

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