A Tale of Two Scholarship Stories and Two Very Different Media Reactions

Ever since the hit piece by POLITICO which used lies in an attempt to paint Dr. Ben Carson as a liar, there has been an almost coordinated effort by the Democrat operatives in the leftstream media to take Carson down. This moment was to be expected from those who follow politics closely.

The media has established a pattern of taking down black Republicans who are running for the presidency, as in the case of Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Allen West, and now Ben Carson. They tried the same tactics against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

I could go into detail about how Ben Carson is being held to an entirely different standard than candidate and now president Barack Obama who still remains a largely shadowy figure with a hidden past due to everything about him being sealed. But let’s focus instead on Obama’s vice-president Joe Biden who made a claim when he was running for president in 1987 that did not generate vicious media attacks. It also was not brought up at all as Biden contemplated entering the 2016 presidential race.

Biden made a blatant claim regarding how his law degree was financed. He said, “I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship…”

Except, that wasn’t true.

The LA Times revealed the real truth about Biden’s law school financing. He actually received a partial needs-based scholarship and student loans.

Given the fact that Biden lied about this, had plagiarized while in law school, and was caught plagiarizing portions of British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock’s life story leading people to believe it was his own, one would think that Biden would have been run out of the political arena.

But, he wasn’t. Although he ultimately dropped out of the presidential race, his first time doing so, he continued to serve in the senate, has served as Barack Obama’s vice-president (after dropping out of the presidential race for the second time 2008), and was even encouraged by many to run for president for the 2016 election.

Ben Carson, on the other hand, has been demonized as a liar because the media is playing a word game. As the top student in ROTC in the city of Detroit, he was told that he was exactly what West Point was looking for and he wouldn’t have to worry about cost. After all, the academies are free of charge to those accepted.

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But, he dared to use the word ‘scholarship’ and, although West Point did advertise their appointments in such a manner, the leftstream media has insisted that Carson lied. They used this play on words to do what they always do…tear down the black Republican to destroy his career and his character.

Oh, what a difference the political party of a candidate makes.

If you don’t think the media is biased, if your refuse to admit they have an agenda, then all you have to do for confirmation that you are wrong is to look at a tale of two scholarships and it’s glaringly obvious.

The video below highlights not only some of Biden’s claims about his education, but also demonstrates what a condescending jerk he was when questioned.

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h/t Trevor Loudon

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Jennifer Burke
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