Actor James Woods to Twitter: I’m OUT

The hugely popular, 140-character social media giant Twitter has been the focus of more than one controversy. Conservatives on Twitter have frequently been locked out of their accounts or outright banned after being the target of liberal trolls who report them to Twitter because they do not like the ideas that they shared.

Recently, however, Twitter made a huge announcement which has drawn praise from those, mostly on the left, and criticism. Twitter said they will begin banning accounts by those they perceive to be on the ‘alt-right.’

Upon hearing the news, actor James Woods tweeted an article from USA Today which stated that critics of the Twitter ban are warning the company that this move may backfire. Woods also had another message for Twitter…he’s out due to their censorship.

Nick Gillespie, the editor for the libertarian website, says he believes this shutting down of alt-right accounts is a huge blunder on the part of Twitter.

Instead of restricting speech and denying the alt right a platform, Twitter should give individual users greater power to regulate what they see and don’t see on the service, he said.

“Why cede any kind of magical powers to the stupidity of the alt right? Let them say what they want to say in public and be rebuffed or be ignored,” Gillespie said. “You are not helping to combat it by walling it off and saying it’s so repugnant that individual users can’t block them if they want, can’t mute them or engage them if they want.”


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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