After Angering the Saudis with his Cozy Relationship with Iran, This Gaffe by Obama Deepens the Damage

Maybe someone at the White House should learn to do a little research before welcoming dignitaries to the White House. As it stands, the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, refused to meet with Barack Obama at the Gulf States Summit, being held soon at Camp David, or at the White House. In fact, leaders from four of the six invited countries declined to attend, sending others in their place. Although the Obama regime denies that their refusal to meet is a snub, some see it as a message sent by these Gulf States leaders to Obama regarding his nuclear deal with Iran. Now, to add insult to injury, Obama committed a huge faux pas while greeting the leaders sent in place of the Saudi King. He used incorrect names.

During Obama’s remarks, he made not one, but two major mistakes in referring to the wrong person. For starters, he got the name of the Saudi prince who was at the meeting incorrect. Secondly, he was also referred to the wrong person when speaking about the King who forged the relationship between Saudi Arabia and America.

The Washington Examiner caught these huge mistakes and noted that the the facial reaction of the Saudi prince when he was called the wrong name was ‘stony-faced’. Awkward.

Mistake #1: The deputy crown prince’s name is actually Mohammed bin Salman (bin means son of in Arabic); his father’s name is Salman.


Mistake #2: The King whom President Obama called King Faisal is actually King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, who met with Roosevelt. That king’s son was named Faisal.

Maybe if Obama wasn’t so busy vacationing, golfing, or appearing on YouTube shows he would have had time to make sure he got names correct. However, if he can lie to the American people over and over again with a straight face, then why should we expect him to show respect to his guests at the White House by using correct names. But, what difference, at this point, does it make, right?

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