After Battery Charges Filed Against Staffer, Trump Spokesperson Gets SHUT-DOWN on CNN

The Trump Campaign is an enigma. Admittedly, Donald trump’s candidacy has stirred a long-overdue anti-establishment attitude within the GOP. His willingness to disregard political correctness is refreshing and many of his stances, including a commitment to better trade agreements for the U.S., are spot-on.

However, Trump continues to have difficulty picking-up new votes as he continues on an absurd campaign to smear opponents (and their families) and seemingly condone alleged thug behavior from his subordinates.

The atmosphere of intimidation and unacceptable bullying has attached itself to the Trump Campaign and recently, Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson attempted to defend the campaign, even after charges emerged against Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski for battery allegedly committed against former Breitbart Journalist Michelle Fields.

On CNN, host Wolf Blitzer asked representatives from each of the three remaining Republican contenders for comments. Both Chad Sweet and Trent Duffy, spokesmen for Ted Cruz and John Kasich, respectively, condemned the atmosphere furthered by Trump, but stressed that the race should focus more on the issues and not on these distractions.

Pierson retorted that Trump wishes to remain focused on the issues and disregarded the allegations concerning the atmosphere of violence furthered by her candidate.

Sweet noted that Trump has literally offered to pay the legal fees of those who commit violence at his rallies and that Lewandowski has retained a disgraced attorney, Kendall Coffey, as his representation. Coffey was forced to resign as a U.S. attorney in the ‘90’s after he allegedly bit a stripper. Pierson claimed that Lewandowski obtained a different attorney and claimed that the other campaigns were trying to “politicize” everything and that Sweet’s claims were “false.”

“We’re not politicizing anything,” Duffy interjected. “[Lewandowski] was charged by the Jupiter [Florida] police department today.”

After Pierson yelled irately for a period, the scene quieted and Duffy explained that the Trump Campaign initially denied the allegations and then pivoted to maintaining that Fields had breached Trump’s personal space and that Lewandowski acted accordingly. Duffy explained that Lewandowski, according to video footage, interjected to grab Fields despite the fact that Secret Service was surrounding Trump at the time of the incident and evidently saw no threat posed by Fields.

Pierson defended Lewandowski and maintained that the allegations against him were ridiculous and politicization of a mild event.

”There is a man who has four small children now who has to face charges from this claim that he grabbed a woman, nearly throwing her to the ground in a press scrum,” Pierson huffed. “That is absolutely absurd and you working on a campaign, you know it, too.”

Duffy chuckled in disbelief. “Our campaign doesn’t throw reporters to the ground, Katrina,” he replied.

Just as Pierson reeled from the jab, Blitzer appeared to mediate and clarified that while Lewandowski did obtain the representation cited by Pierson, he did also obtain the representation of Coffey, the disgraced attorney referenced by Cruz’s spokesman.

Though she had vehemently attacked Sweet for “falsely” claiming that Lewandowski was being represented by a disgraced attorney, Pierson tried to recover and said that she’s sure there are several lawyers involved in the incident.

Duffy pounced:

“I’m sure there probably are a lot of attorneys, which is pretty interesting for a campaign for the presidency to have to have attorneys and hire legal eagles to defend a staffer on a battery charge. That’s astounding.”

Though the orchestrated disruptions that have occurred at his events are most-unequivocally not his fault, Trump has bred an atmosphere of political bullying. From calling for roughing-up of protesters to numerous incidents of alleged physical altercations with journalists, Trump’s campaign has been marred by an association with thug tactics.

Outside of physical altercations, Trump has been personally responsible for bully behavior; he has corralled the “free press” into pens, called Ted Cruz (and his wife) vile names and taken every opportunity to threaten legal actions to remedy any unpleasant turn of events on the campaign trail.

Pierson and other Trump surrogates are left in a position where they must defend against an assertion that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Trump has not assaulted anyone. However, at this stage, it seems undeniable that Trump has conducted his campaign in a manner that is startling to many, shocking to some and far below the dignity of the office he seeks.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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