After Cam Newton Voices his Thoughts on Racism, ‘Black Twitter’ Loses Their Damn Minds

Let’s just get one thing straight and set from the get go. I am a black woman and have been my whole life, unlike Rachel Dolezal, the disgraced former NAACP Spokane president who pretends to be black and gets praised by some black people. Over the last nearly eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, I have witnessed something incredibly disturbing and destructive — an increased victim mentality by far too many blacks where everything and everybody from slavery, white people, cops, etc have been to blame for their actions, lives, and lack of achievement. Everyone is to blame but themselves. There is no personal responsibility.

At the heart of every single problem, trial or tribulation for far too many blacks is not something they can control. It’s racism. It can’t be them. It’s the white man. That’s the product of the snake oil being sold by race peddlers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack Obama. If you dare to take a stand that does not fall in line with this warped view rooted in personal absolvement and finger pointing, you will get attacked, especially by “Black Twitter.” NFL star quarterback Cam Newton learned this lesson the hard way.

Now, don’t come at me with a line like “Black Twitter? That’s racist!” The bigoted black activists on Twitter refer to themselves as such. One person even let it be known that Newton would feel the heat from “Black Twitter” for daring to utter words about racism with which they don’t agree. Remember, closed-minded bigots of all colors expect that black people will have a monolithic view when it comes to politics, racism, ‘social justice,’ etc. Step off of that small-minded plantation and they will unleash on you.

During an interview with GQ Magazine’s Zach Baron, Newton would not go along with the premise that football fans are racist. He added that he believes America is beyond race. (I mean, come on, we have “the first black president” and a black Attorney General for goodness sakes! Then again, those two race baiters also push the victim mentality and the race card claim that blacks are not able to participate in the “American dream” because the “system” works against them.” But, I digress.)

When asked about criticism he receives from fans, Newton said, “It’s not racism. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.”

Of course, Baron had to press the issue. He reminded Newton of a tweet he tweeted in January in which he said, “I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to.”

Perhaps upon further reflection, Newton realized there was not a lot of truth to his words. After all, we have had many black quarterbacks who made a name for themselves on the field. Players like Warren Moon, Steve McNair, Michael Vick, Russell Wilson and others are also black quarterbacks with a prowess on the field second to none. He seemingly took back those words from January with this statement.

Newton said, “I don’t want this to be about race because it’s not. It’s not. Like, we’re beyond that. As a nation.”

Still not satisfied, Barton responded, “You really think so?” “Yeah. I mean, you bring it to people’s attention. But after that, that’s it,” Newton replied.

Enter ‘Black Twitter.’ As if they have nothing better to do with their lives or their time, they were going to set Newton straight with attacks and insults. After all, who does he think he is to disagree with them???

One guy teed it up, letting the Twitterverse know that “Black Twitter” would go after Newton over his comments.

And  did they ever go after him, putting their own racism and bigotry on full display.

Tyler Tynes, a reporter for the sports site SBNation, believes that in not crying racism and seeing racism around every corner, Cam Newton has turned his back on his blackness.

Those who have come to Cam Newton’s defense were accused of “conceding to white supremacy.” Yeah, let that whacko view sink in.

Someone describing herself as a spirit alchemist predicted an injury for Newton for “upsetting the ancestors.”

Obviously, to not see racism around every corner and not blame the white man for your problems is a big issue for this dude.

This guy cuts right to the chase and says Newton’s personal opinion is “wrong” so he deserves the attacks. I’ve got a newsflash for you, bro. It’s HIS personal opinion, therefore it cannot be “wrong.” He did, however, use his words to mount a backhanded defense of Newton.

I could go on and on with the hate and vitriol Newton is receiving. But, let’s just allow this hypocritical tweet say it all about who the real bigots and racists are.

Thank goodness Cam Newton didn’t say “All Lives Matter.” That would have made “Black Twitter” even more cray cray!

Read the full GQ interview with Cam Newton HERE.

h/t The Blaze

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