After his Campaign Manager is Arrested, Donald Trump Issues this Threat

Bloviating billionaire Donald Trump is once again trying to live up to his nickname of “Ducking Donald” and being a “cry bully.”

On Tuesday morning, shortly after an arrest warrant was issued for Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and after he turned himself him, Trump took to Twitter threatening to not participate in tonight’s town hall on CNN.

Of course, #DonTheCon isn’t going to admit that he might not participate in the town hall in order to avoid any questions about Lewandowski being charged with simple battery and also perhaps doesn’t want to deal the challenge by Ted Cruz to join him on the stage during Cruz’s time for an actual debate.

Instead, he whines and complains that CNN is, in his mind, not being fair to him.

On Tuesday morning, CNN did devote time at least once every hour from 6 am to 10 am to discuss Trump’s interview with Wisconsin conservative talk radio host Charlie Sykes. In the interview, Sykes reminded Trump many times that he isn’t a 12-year old schoolyard bully and also got Trump to admit that his threat of a 45% tariff on China is just that, a threat or a bluff.

In addition, supporters of GOP presidential candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich were on a panel, as was a supporter of Marco Rubio, who suspended his campaign on March 15. Nevermind that Trump’s spokesperson Katrina Pierson was also on CNN this morning, Trump obviously believes that giving other candidates a voice and discussing an interview that he obviously didn’t like is “unfair” and “one-sided.”

Donald must have forgotten all the free media he has received, to the tune of $2 billion, that he has received since entering the presidential race. The largest contributor to that free media for Donald Trump is none other than CNN.

The following chart breaks down the coverage of all Republican presidential candidates by CNN in 2016.


But, I guess to a narcissist like Trump, 55.4% coverage of him alone, more than all other candidates combined, is unfair…to him, or something.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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