After Orlando, The Utter Stupidity Of The Anti-Gun Left is on Full Display

We all bow our heads in disbelief and sadness when mass shootings occur. The terrorist attack by radical Islamist Omar Mateen at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida is no exception.

Pro-gun, legal, law abiding citizens brace themselves every time a shooting like this happens because we know the anti-gun left will attack in full force, aided and abetted by their surrogates in the Media.

What amazes educated gun owners across America is just how utterly stupid the anti-gun left reveals themselves to be when they choose to blurt out their opinions on guns.

The verbal diarrhea of lies and misinformation spewed out after Orlando was simply astonishing.

The liberal press and pundits repeatedly referred to one of the firearms used by Matten as an “AR-15.” It wasn’t. It was a Sig Sauer MCX. No matter. It’s scary looking, and that’s what counts.

Then came the inevitable call to ban AR-type rifles. Usual suspect Eugene Robinson from the largest bird-cage-liner producer, The New York Times, chimed in and wrung his hands at the horror of these horrible firearms that no one “needs.” The Editorial board at USA Today added their clarion call to do so while admitting that,”assault weapons equipped with high-capacity magazines are used in only a small percentage of crimes.” No matter. Ban them regardless! Hillary Clinton piled on as did the uber-liberal rag, Salon, ending their lamentation with the anti-gun zealot’s meaningless slogan:Nobody needs an AR-15.”

But the world champion of stupid regarding guns has to be Gersh Kuntzman (hey, I didn’t name him!), of the New York Daily News, the leftist rag for Gothamites. In this self-emasculating,  spectacularly inane article, Kuntzman elucidates on how utterly traumatic it was just to shoot an AR-15 rifle. It was “horrifying,” “menacing,” “terrifying,” and “loud, like a bazooka.” It left him “bruised,” “disoriented,” “anxious,” “irritable,” and gave him “a temporary case of PTSD.”

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It should be noted that Kuntzman found a like-minded person to help him denigrate this firearm: Frank Stelmach of Double Tap Shooting Range and Gun Shop, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ole’ Frank set this up nice. He equipped the AR that so traumatized Kuntzman with a muzzle break. A muzzle break makes an AR-15 much louder than normal. It is used to reduce recoil by redirecting the gasses produced upon firing. Even with the muzzle break, how Kuntzman ended up bruised and battered is a mystery, as the number one growing demographic for the purchase of AR-15’s is women. I know several smaller-framed women who shoot this firearm regularly (without a muzzle break) and do so without ending up pummeled and injured.

Stelmach opined that folks looking to own an AR-15 should have to go through a mental health check, extended background checks (that would include interviews with your family, friends, and associates) and that police should be able to confiscate guns “from some owners.” He also doesn’t sell guns to people who “look a little bit funny.” Isn’t he swell? I’m sure he and Kuntzman are new BFF’S.

All of this demonizing of AR-15 type firearms is used to forward the fabrication that they are “incredibly powerful” and “unusually deadly weapons”, somehow more dangerous than any other type of rifle.

This is pure garbage.

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Look at the comparison photos below. As you can see, very commonly used hunting rounds such as the .308 and 30-06 are much larger and more powerful than the standard round used for AR-15’s: the .223.


If Kuntzman was so beaten up by shooting an AR-15, please make sure this guy never gets near a hunting rifle unless an ambulance is standing by.

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Alex David
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