After This Interview, Adam Carolla Declared: ‘I Love Me Some Ted Cruz’

Ted Cruz called into the Adam Carolla Show, one of the most popular podcasts on the internet, to weigh in on a variety of important issues, like the IRS, onerous government regulations, and how the American dream is being squished by big government. The interview immediately opens with the IRS, which Carolla tells Cruz is driving him nuts.

“Well, I tell you April 16th is a day when a whole lot of folks want to move into a simple flat tax and just padlock the IRS,” Cruz told . “I think that is a powerful populist issue and today is the day when its on people’s minds,” he stated.

Cruz has consistently called abolishing the tyrannical IRS, and their 74,000 pages of code, with a simple flat tax. He has also said that he would ideally favor the FairTax  in favor of an income tax, but thinks that politically it make take steps to get there.

Carolla agreed, saying that eliminating the IRS should be an idea that every American can get around because it “impacts literally everyone.”

Shifting to big government with onerous regulations, Cruz said that the rich and big business prosper in that environment because they can afford the expensive attorneys, accountants and lobbyists that their smaller competitors cannot.

“Here’s the truth of the matter. The rich do just fine under big government. Big business does fantastic under big government,” Cruz said. “It gets in bed with big government — it has armies of lawyers and lobbyists and accountants,” Cruz asserted while explaining that the top 1% of income, despite Obama’s class warfare, has a “higher share of our national income today than any year since 1928.”

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Cruz gave a bit of shot across the bow to establishment-backed Bush dynasty member, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, painting the pro-Common Core, pro-Amnesty Warmist as the status quo candidate.

“I like Jeb Bush. I think he was a good governor of Florida. People are going to have to make a choice — whether they want to elect someone who is going to continue business as usual in Washington, or whether they are going to have someone who will stand with the people, and who is willing to stand up to both parties in Washington.”

Carolla must have liked what he heard from the grassroots favorite, saying, “I want to support Ted. I love me some Ted Cruz.”

Listen Below via Real Clear Politics:

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