After Twisting Cruz’s Words at the GOP Debate, Megyn Kelly Makes this Huge Admission

During the GOP Debate on FOX News Thursday night, the moderators, as expected, went after Texas Senator and constitutional conservative Ted Cruz. With frontrunner Donald Trump declining to attend the debate, instead hosting his own event to raise money for veterans which was aired on CNN, Cruz was the top target to attack.

Kelly played a montage of Ted Cruz discussing a series of amendments during the Marco Rubio-led Gang of Eight bill. Cruz introduced his amendments as a poison pill to expose the Gang of Eight bill for what it was — amnesty.

Though Kelly and FOX were trying to feed the lie-based narrative that Cruz has flip-flopped on the issue, attempting to cast a shadow of doubt in the minds of those viewing regarding his honesty and stance on immigration, Megyn made a huge admission on her show after the debate while interviewing Cruz.

After the two talked about the exchange, Kelly shared that she has thoroughly reviewed Cruz’s record to determine whether or not he ever supported legalization. She then admitted that his record does support the fact that he never supported legalization or amnesty and has indeed been telling the truth, that his amendments were a poison pill.

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Nice of you to share that after viewership had dramatically lessened at debate’s end, Megyn.

Watch the interview of Ted Cruz by Megyn Kelly. Her admission during the exchange that Cruz has never supported legalization begins at approximately the 56- second mark. She again says that Cruz’s record supports his contention that his amendments were poison pills at the 2:45 mark.

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