After What Legendary Duke Basketball Coach Said About Obama, Will Fans Rush to the Exits?

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is a legend in the sports world. Coach K, which Krzyzewki is affectionately called, has coached the team for three and a half decades. During that time, he has led the Duke Blue Devils to 29 NCAA tournaments in 30 years including 20 consecutive times from 1996 to 2015. The Coach K led Blue Devils have gone to 12 Final Fours and won five national championships, including most recently in 2015.

But, all that success and the accolades that have gone with it will pale for many basketball fans who are more concerned about their country and the freedoms they have seen attacked, eliminated and eroded under the dictatorial tyranny of Barack Obama with “his pen and his phone” after what Coach K said about Dear Leader during Duke’s visit to the White House as national champions.

Krzyzewski outed himself to be an Obama-licking sycophant gushing over the usurper and Constitution-hating current occupant of the White House, Barack Obama. Even worse, he equated Obama, who expresses disdain for the Constitution and the limits it has placed on him, with the Founding Fathers of this country who are undoubtedly rolling around in their graves as Obama systematically destroys the country the gave the lives and fortunes to found as he “fundamentally transforms” it.

“The last 24 hours to be in in that great building, in front of those documents and realizing the great men that started this country, but also then to come here and be in your house. And on behalf of our Duke community, we want to thank you for serving our country over these last two terms. You’ve been an amazing leader for our country.  And it’s not just you but your family and the sacrifices. So thank you very much for your service.”

So it looks like Coach K thinks an amazing leader is someone who constantly lies to the people, who’s run up more debt than all the presidents before him, and who has worked to divide the country along race and income levels in order to generate unrest and anger. Krzyzewski must think a great leader of America is someone who attacks American citizens who have a different political view than he does while simultaneously opening the floodgates of illegal immigration and dispersing the foreign invaders throughout the country.

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Or perhaps it’s that Krzyzewski believes that a great leader arms our enemies, such as with the Iran nuclear deal, rewarding those who cry “Death to America” with hundreds of millions and nuclear weapon technology, while denigrating and attacking our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Maybe he has bought into the claim of a low unemployment rate while ignoring the over 92 million Americans who are completely out of the workforce in the Obama economy, representing an additional 1 million out of the workforce under the Obama regime’s reign.

Could it be that Coach K equates “sacrifice” with taking lavish vacation after lavish vacation between rounds of golf as the world burns, Americans are beheaded, cities are destroyed, and terrorists attack on our soil. After all, I guess someone has to go on vacation since most Americans can’t afford one right now. Is that the message that Coach K is sending?

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The list goes on and on.

Coach K’s words went beyond showing a bit of respect to elevating a man who has caused much destruction to this country with his disastrous and anti-American policies. His exuberant praise for someone who has outwardly expressed his intention to run this country as a spoiled brat dictator, promising to go around Congress if they don’t give him what he wants and the Constitution if it gets in his way, condones such behavior and tyranny.

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