After What this Talk Radio Host Said About Conservative Media, Will He Be Blacklisted?

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As co-host of “The John and Leah Show” radio talk show, John Ziegler is a member of the conservative media but that didn’t stop him from calling out many top figures in the conservative movement for “selling their souls” and throwing their principles out the door during this election cycle.

Ziegler firmly believes that far too many in the conservative movement sold their souls in order to build up the Donald Trump campaign for the GOP nomination. This allegation came during an appearance on what could be considered the belly of the liberal beast, MSNBC. Ziegler appeared on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and, believe me, Ziegler got in the last word on this topic.

Ziegler’s opinion piece for Mediaite, “How and Why Conservative Media Sold Its Soul to Facilitate Trump’s Nomination,” was the topic of discussion and, as in the article, Ziegler called out some very big names in the conservative moment accusing them of caring more about ratings, traffic, and “their own self-interest” than the conservative cause.

Right off the bat, Ziegler admitted that he has been “a card-carrying member of the ‘right-wing conspiracy’ for quite awhile.” He added that he has been sounding the alarm for years that the conservative media was willing to sell its soul to the highest bidder, and we are seeing his prediction come to fruition today.

Four top names in the conservative movement were called out by Ziegler, who is also a documentary filmmaker, as being exposed to be all about business, and not about “the cause.”

Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report, has been called out for turning his site into a propaganda arm of Donald Trump’s campaign, even running with stories to attack Ted Cruz that were pure hearsay, framed as “investigative pieces” with no sources, other than at times Trump’s long-time henchman Roger Stone, from Trump’s buddies at the National Enquirer. It was only recently, after Trump came out in support allowing men to use women’s restrooms, reiterating that he would ‘tax the rich,’ and proposing that Republicans change their platform on abortion to exclude babies conceived from incest or rape, that Drudge seemingly scrubbed the site of their Donald Trump propaganda.

Ziegler added that Drudge is responsible for Obama weathering the storm of the Reverend Jeremiah “God D*mn America” Wright controversy in 2008. That was the first time, he says, that he realized it was all about business and money.

Two other major names in conservative media were also called out by Ziegler.

Rush Limbaugh is described by Ziegler as having “more money than God,” so for him pumping Trump has been about keeping himself from becoming bored.

Sean Hannity was also called out by Ziegler for selling out to Donald Trump for ratings and money. This echoes the wrath Hannity has faced from many in social media for acting like a Donald Trump surrogate, especially when he is with Trump’s closest competitor, Texas Senator Ted Cruz . Coincidentally, Trump recently tweeted congratulations to Hannity on his “great ratings” and “ratings increase.”

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Of course, the entire FOX News station was also mentioned by Ziegler as being in the tank for Trump, as is clear by the number of their on-air talent who seem to work as Trump’s defense attorneys and mouthpieces as they defend even the most indefensible of his actions, and attack dogs as they have worked to spread lies, based upon Trump propaganda, about Cruz.

Ziegler shared, “In 2016, Lawrence, to me, this is the greatest travesty I’ve ever seen in my political life. It is an absolute abomination that alleged conservatives have literally sold their souls for a few ratings points mostly last year during the summertime when Donald Trump announced during a very slow period of time.

He continued with his prediction of what will happen in November if Trump becomes the nomination, after the help of people like Drudge, Hannity, Limbaugh, and FOX.

“I happen to believe the last chance to really stop him was Iowa, maybe New Hampshire. After that, the monster had been created. They created this monster for their own benefit, and now they will pay a very steep price because the Republican party is going to lose, is going to lose big in November and liberals are going to be very, very happy at what people like Sean Hannity did, and those like him did, all fo their own self-interest.”

Ziegler added that he likes Donald Trump as a person, but said he is not a conservative, he’s not qualified, and he doesn’t believe he can beat Hillary Clinton.

Based on a new poll out of Arizona, Ziegler may be right about Trump’s inability to beat Hillary. A new poll by the Behavior Research Center of Arizona has Trump losing to Hillary in a general election. If a Republican can’t carry the state of Arizona, then they will not win the general election.

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