AG Loretta Lynch Makes Bold Declaration on Legality of Closing-Down Guantanamo

President Obama and his administration often appear to hold a low regard for the laws of this nation. From immigration laws to Second Amendment rights to the separation of powers within the government, the Obama Administration has operated as a single-body government unto itself- the executive, legislative and judicial branches all rolled-up into one Oval Office.

However, the president may have set his sights a bit too high on his latest endeavor; Obama has repeatedly signaled a desire to close-down the prisoner facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where the U.S. detains some of the world’s fiercest terrorists.

Obama has released the ones he could possibly justify and many of these terrorists who promised to behave have returned to terrorist activities.

The rest have been the subject of much debate. Could we or should we transfer these dangerous people to the American mainland? Is doing so even legal?

According to current law, no, transferring such detainees to the American mainland without congressional approval is illegal.

Many have expected Obama to use his trusty pen and a phone to overrule Congress. While that still might happen in his last days in the Oval Office, Attorney General Loretta Lynch declared on Wednesday that it would be illegal to do so without congressional approval and that the administration does not intend to circumvent this legal standard.

“The law currently prohibits a transfer to U.S. soil, and the president would have to work with Congress,” Lynch stated before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Congress would have to consider any relevant changes that could be made to the law before any transfers could be taken.”

Lynch claimed that the president intends to work with Congress.

“The president’s policy indicates a desire to work with Congress to implement any necessary changes that would have to be taken before this could be taken,” Lynch said Wednesday. “I believe that is his plan.”

Of course, working with Congress to urge them to rubberstamp his agenda is always his plan at first. It was his plan to work with Congress to grant amnesty to millions of illegals. It was his plan to work with Congress in tandem to further infringe upon Second Amendment rights in America.

In the end, however, frustrated with Congress’ unwillingness to mindlessly bend to the raving of America’s first dictator, Obama has circumvented Congress on these important issues and unilaterally created laws to enforce his agenda.

While Lynch’s comments might pacify some, the fact is that we are saddled with a Republican-controlled Congress who is utterly unwilling to stand strong against Democrat efforts and a president who views the Constitution as an irrelevant hurdle to the enactment of his agenda.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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