Al Sharpton: People Criticizing Islam After Orlando are ‘Accomplices to Terrorism’

Islam is far from a religion dedicated to peace. It is a religion which maintains that it is the duty of Muslims to conquer and kill those who are not Muslim.

Now, there are many, many peaceful Muslims who are not fundamentalist adherents to the religion that preaches death and destruction. However, there is also a sizable portion of the Muslim world for whom doctrine is supremely important and view violence in the name of Allah as acceptable.

But don’t tell Al Sharpton that… You might be called a terrorist.

According to “Reverend” Al Sharpton, those who warn of the dangers of radical Islam are “accomplices to terrorism.”

In a scathing op-ed for The Huffington Post entitled “Don’t Be an Accomplice to Terrorism,” Sharpton claims,

The nation is mourning once again; senseless violence has again taken innocent lives, ripped families apart and left us with many unanswered questions. As we grieve and try to comprehend the incomprehensible, it is important that we remain united and not fall into the trap of division and hatred. Homophobia and Islamophobia are twin partners to terrorism. As information is slowly being revealed in Orlando, what we are witnessing is a blatant act of homophobia and evil in its worst form. But what is also transpiring in the aftermath of this tragedy is a knee-jerk reaction to blame Islam and Muslims.

This is precisely what terrorists, extremists and groups like ISIS want — division. We cannot succumb to such fear and disunity; we must remain vigilant in our will to stop any and all acts of terrorism, and denounce both homophobia and Islamophobia. This is a moment where we are being tested, and we cannot fail by answering hate with more hatred.

Sharpton then continues parroting the point furthered by the left: that this was merely a hate crime against the homosexual community and that Islam cannot or should not be blamed for this attack.

The LGBTQ community has long suffered from attacks, discrimination and injustice in society. Despite progress on marriage equality, the community still faces prejudice and unfairness in housing, employment and elsewhere all throughout the country. In addition, the prevalence of open homophobic statements in our discourse should disturb everyone. I myself have been in churches, or given lectures, or listened to guests/callers on my national radio show and been disappointed by people who otherwise consider themselves ministers, activists or social justice seekers express such homophobic views. I’ve also been shocked at the vitriolic language used by some clergy members in public and in private. Bigotry against the LGBTQ community lead to the spirit of this man’s horrendous hate crime in Orlando this past weekend. That is why homophobia in any form cannot be tolerated whether it’s overt biased laws that some try to implement, or subtle comments that others feel comfortable making. None of it is okay, ever.

While the rage was undebatably pointed toward the patrons of a homosexual club, the terrorist also scouted several other places to enact his vengeance against the Western world, including Disney World.

This was an attack on America that occurred at a homosexual club; it was not a hate crime that happened to take place in America.

Sharpton continues:

As we take a stand against homophobia, it is simultaneously important that we do not blame Muslims or the religion of Islam. This was a horrific act committed by a person professing to follow Islam who clearly didn’t understand the religion, and who frankly could have been a member of any religion. Muslims did not perpetrate this massacre; a crazed homophobic monster did. Our response to this immense calamity cannot be Islamophobia — which I’ve also heard go unchecked. Some are sadly using this catastrophic incident to push more fear, more hatred and their own political agendas. Instead of blaming billions of people for the devastating actions of one individual, we must also stand with the Muslim community so that they are not scapegoated and subjected to hatred and bias attacks.

This is more of the same nonsense that keeps Americans placid as groups like ISIS gather strength from our inaction.

No, not all Muslims are committed to violence. However, the longer we wait as a nation to accept that we are in a war with the zealots who murder in the name of Allah, the more people will die needlessly and the more common these kinds of terrorist attacks will become.

If there is any who is serving as an accomplice to the continuation of bloodshed, it is Al Sharpton and liberals like him who are advancing ignorance and misdirection at a time when we should be coming together to defeat radical Islam.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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