Al Sharpton Reveals his Greatest Fear About Libertarian Prez Candidate Gary Johnson

On Sunday, Al Sharpton interviewed Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson on his show, MSNBC’s Politics Nation . Now, I know what you’re thinking. Al Who? I thought he got canned awhile ago. He actually wasn’t completely given the boot, lest the network be subject to the wrath of the professional racial grievance industry. His show was just limited to one day a week because, let’s face it, that’s all most people could really stand if forced to be subjected to race-hustling Sharpton.

During his interview in which Sharpton seemed to be more part of the Hillary Clinton campaign than a host conducting an interview, Sharpton not only took pot shots (no pun intended, Gary) at the Libertarian Party but also asked Johnson a question which revealed what Sharpton himself fears the most regarding Johnson’s candidacy.

The shakedown artist Sharpton asked a backhanded question regarding Libertarians and criminal justice reform to make the implication that Johnson’s call for criminal justice reform is a new bandwagon idea just to get votes.

“Now I couldn’t help but notice you’ve talked about criminal justice reform. You talked about reforming these sentencing laws,” Sharpton inquired of Johnson, “Can this be a new way of expanding the support of the Libertarian Party?

He also asked a question referencing Johnson getting booed at the Libertarian debate after he revealed that he would have voted for The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Of course, Sharpton’s angle was to imply that Libertarians are racist.

Some booed you— and I might add—you’re the only candidate up there that said you would have voted for it,” Sharpton noted. “Does it make you uncomfortable about some of those in the Libertarian Party movement.

Johnson defended the Party replying that he is the nominee and added that he thinks it’s important to never discriminate.

And that brings us to Al Sharpton himself letting the world know what he fears about Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign.

Remember when Johnson bragged that he agreed with 73% of Bernie Sanders’ policies and ideas. Much has been said regarding whether Bernie Sanders supporters will coalesce around Hillary Clinton and support her. Sharpton, obviously, is afraid that Sanders’ supporters will not get behind Hillary based on this question.

Let me ask you this: In your quite moments when you have your time to reflect and really think through what you’re about, do you ever have any slight fear even that you may be taking votes from Hillary Clinton and helping to elect Donald Trump?

Note that Sharpton meant to say ‘quiet’ not ‘quite.’ Then again, he does have problems with the teleprompter and the English language.

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Johnson’s answer probably didn’t assuage Sharpton’s fears much since it is clear his views on many issues do fall more in line with Hillary and the progressives.

Not in the least. I really think that if you’re going to change things in this country you need to vote for the person you believe in. Keep government out of my pocketbook, keep government out of my bedroom, and then let’s stop with these military interventions. And we should embrace immigration. We’re a country of immigrants. Let’s not build a fence across the border and let’s not be talking about killing the families Muslim of terrorists.

Will Gary Johnson’s candidacy stir things up in the presidential race causing neither Hillary nor Trump to reach the threshold of votes needed to win thereby sending the decision to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives?

In order to participate in the televised presidential debates, Johnson must be polling at 15-percent in a nationwide poll. The question is whether he will reach that threshold in order to get his message to the masses.

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