Mother of Alton Sterling’s Son Condemns Ambush of Dallas Police

Alton Sterling is one of the individuals at the center of the protests against police throughout the country. The 37-year old Sterling was shot during an altercation after police responded to reports of a man with a gun threatening another man outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Although an investigation is still pending, in footage from a cell phone video, Sterling does not appear to have a weapon as he was pinned to the ground when shot.

Sterling’s 15-year old son, Cameron, saw the footage of his father’s killing. His mother, Quinyetta McMillon, said it was impossible to shield her son from it since the video was all over social media. In regards to whether her son fears police in light of what happens to his father, McMillon said “No, he’s not afraid of police because they still have a lot of good police out here. Everybody’s not bad.” She also made it clear that s

She also made it clear that she doesn’t blame all police officers to what happened to her son’s father, just the two officers involved. McMillon stated, “I blame those two officers, not all police. Those two officers is who I blame for the death of my son’s father.”

But Micah Xavier Johnson, who ambushed police officers in Dallas who were keeping police protesters safe, did not share McMillon’s sentiment. As a protest against police in response to the deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota was coming to a close, Johnson opened fire on police from the sniper position trying to “hurt white officers.” He killed five and injured seven.

In regards to this horrific, racist attack, McMillon condemned it in a statement issued by her attorneys.

“We wholeheartedly reject the reprehensible acts of violence that were perpetrated against members of the Dallas Police Department. Our hearts break for the families of the officers who were lost as they protected protesters and residents alike during a rally.”

McMillon told CBS News, “The hurt of those families, the pain that I know they feel because I’m going through it. It hurts. It’s just a bad situation and it’s not right.”

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If only those who are praising the murder and attempted murder of Dallas police officers by Micah Xavier Johnson would not only read McMillon’s words but take them to heart.

Instead, on Friday morning, another black man took out his rampage and anger towards police, holding all police responsible for the actions of a few, by opening fire on white people on a highway.

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WATCH the full interview with Quinyetta McMillon HERE.


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