Amanda Carpenter Gives GOP Delegates a One-Word Admonition for the Convention

Amanda Carpenter

CNN contributor and former communications director to Senator Ted Cruz , Amanda Carpenter, said that in light of Donald Trump’s deplorable racist comments about the judge in the Trump University multi-million dollar fraud case, that GOP delegates should revolt against Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in July.

“Republicans have a nominating process. There’s a reason we have delegates — it’s to prevent a disaster,” Carpenter told the panel, which included leftist Van Jones and Tea Party fraud Scottie Nell Hughes. “And if people really believe that Donald Trump is going to be a disaster for the party, if they cannot stand by his comments, if they cannot support him — if they do not think that he supports our values — then you have use the process set in place and not nominate him at the convention,” she asserted.

Amanda Carpenter pointed out a little-known fact about the convention, and that is that delegates are not technically bound on the first ballot to support Trump or any other candidate — that they can vote their conscience to both save the party — as well as the country — if they believe the public’s unbridled temporary passions, i.e., mob mentality, have caused them to fall for a liberal NY billionaire con man with a serious case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and someone with major authoritarian character traits who has zero regard for truth or constitutional limitations on executive power.

“I think we need to start talking to delegates,” Carpenter urged. “It’s very simple. They don’t have to do this [back Trump] — they can not show up, they can rewrite the rules, because if we’re really going to go down this road and saying, ‘He’s saying racist things’ and ‘He’s bad for the party’ then we shouldn’t nominate him — end of story.”

After Trumpaloompa Scottie Nell Hughes went on an incoherent rant about “Mr. Trump” owned the delegates’ votes like some kind of slave master, Amanda Carpenter gave the GOP delegates a one-word admonition: “Eject!”

Amanda Carpenter is absolutely correct. Curly Haugland, a 17-year veteran member of the RNC and author of the new book, “Unbound: The Conscience of a Republican Delegate,” powerfully makes the case that Carpenter is making, which is that the delegates are not obligated to vote for anyone who violates their conscience.

This is the difference between Democracy (mob rule) and a representative Republic, which is the system we currently have in place or at least have had up until this point.

The delegates are just another brilliant and effective check-and-balance to tyranny and while they are rarely used in the voting process in a way contrary to popular vote — the delegated power of delegates — those elected to represent us — must be used in extraordinary times such as these when it means stopping a madman from taking power.

If world history has taught us anything, it is that giving power to  a narcissistic sociopath of Donald Trump’s degree, has never worked out well.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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