America’s First Black Governor Slams Obama, Hillary: ‘Don’t Piss on Me and Tell Me It’s Raining!’

In a scathing interview in which he admits he will be cast by Democrats of not being a “team player,” the man who was America’s first black governor, Democrat Douglas Wilder, accused the Democrat Party of taking black voters for granted, said blacks are no better off after eight disappointing years of Obama, and that Hillary Clinton can’t win the White House running on a message that she’s the second worst person in the world (assuming Donald Trump is the first).

Perhaps equally embarrassing for Hillary Clinton, Douglas Wilder praised Republican Donald Trump’s recent outreach to black voters, giving him credit for doing it even if it lacks authenticity.

“The African American community has not been served,” Wilder, who was elected to be Virginia’s governor in 1989 told the Washington Post on Thursday, a reference to the Obama administration. “Don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining!” he said, noting that Obama should “admit it” rather than telling black Americans “to quit whining when they’re asked for legitimate grievances to be addressed.”

“I’m entitled to my criticism of Obama because I was one of the first people to support him,” he told The Post.

In regards to Hillary Clinton, Wilder said that she needs to do more than just paint herself as not as bad as Donald Trump, but used harsh language to make his point.

“Let’s assume (Trump) is the worst guy in the world. Fine. What makes you better? Because you’re not considered the worst, but right next to it!”

Wilder, clearly no fan of Donald Trump’s either, said that he’s a “huckster” and is “good at it,” but nevertheless applauded his outreach to black voters.

“Whether it’s genuine or legitimate or not, at least he’s doing it,” he said. “Either way, I think it’s good.”

Wilder said that even after eight years of Obama, the country is still in a “mess” and that Hillary Clinton needs to be much more specific on ideas and policy positions she has to make things better and said that she has “blundered” by making the election a “referendum on Donald Trump.”

“When I ran for office, I never mentioned my opponent’s name. I always said, ‘Vote for me for these reasons,” Wilder said.

Douglas Wilder has always been outspoken and politically incorrect, which is refreshing. It would be interesting to see what the country would look like if he’d have been the first black president the past eight years instead of Obama.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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