An Even Darker in Appearance Rachel Dolezal Finally Made a Huge Admission

Rachel Dolezal…remember her? She’s the former president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP who was outed as white by her parents. It seems Dolezal had been passing herself as black for years, even changing her skin color and hair to convince others that she is black. She resigned from her position with the NAACP shortly thereafter.

One would think that leftists would have been livid over Dolezal going around in blackface all these years, but the overwhelming reaction by leftists was just the opposite. The consensus by leftists, with even celebrities like Rihanna chiming in, was if she wants to be black, more power to her. And who are we to tell her she isn’t black if that is how she ‘identifies?’ But, she’s not black though she would never make that admission.

Until now.

During an interview on Fox’s The Real on Monday, the conversation with Dolezal got real when she was confronted by hosts about her ethnicity. Dolezal, who was noticeably even darker than when she was exposed to be a liar about her race, initially continued her claim that she is black, until she was pressed harder.

One of the hosts pushed back on Dolezal’s evasion asserting that one issue with her falsely claiming to be black is that she ignores that “there are opportunities that I might not get that you can have only because of the color of my skin.”

When asked if she has ever experienced something like that, Dolezal said, “well, the police mark black on my traffic tickets.”

“Why not say you’re white, but you identify as black but you don’t seem to answer the question straight on?” Dolezal was asked by another co-host.

It was after this press by a co-host of the all-black, all-female panel that Dolezal finally relented. She admitted, “I acknowledge that I was biologically born white to white parents, but I identify as black.”

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Finally. After years of being a serial liar about not just her ethnicity, but also with claims of harassment and race-based hate crimes, none of which were even proven true nor which ever had any evidence, Dolezal finally admits that she is white.

But, if she can identify as black doesn’t that negate the Democrat narrative of racial oppression and the need for constant race baiting, special programs, and treatment of black people to “make up for wrongs” done by their party hundreds of years ago during slavery or decades ago during the Jim Crow laws?

According to Dolezal’s leftist supporters, you can speak your ethnicity into reality, regardless of your DNA.

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h/t Daily Caller

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