An Imam in Texas Defended Donald Trump; Wait Until You See What Happened to Him

Image: KFDM; Imam Nidal Al SayyedImage: KFDM; Imam Nidal Al Sayyed

Donald Trump has faced a lot of heat after stating that no more Muslims should be allowed in this country until our elected officials can figure out what is going on. He made this statement following disturbing revelations about the San Bernardino terror duo, Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakastani national wife Tashfeen Malik.

Among these is the fact that Malik used a fake address on her K-1 fiancee visa, had ties to radical mosques in Islamabad, and was radicalized with dreams of jihad against America long before she was given the okay by the Obama State Department to enter the country.

While Trump has faced fierce political backlash with the UK pushing to ban him, a Toronto city councillor demanding that Trump’s name be removed from the building that bears his name, and Obama’s paid liar and spokesperson Josh Earnest laughably using the Constitution and the oath a president takes to defend and uphold it as a reason that he and his tyrannical and anti-Constitutional boss, Obama, believes that Trump is now disqualified to run for the Office of the Presidency.

One very unexpected person came to Trump’s defense earlier this week. Dr. Naidal Al Sayyed is an imam at the Islamic Society of the Triplex in Southeast Texas. Or should I say, he was.

He served as the mosque’s religious director but faced his own firestorm after saying in a statement to KFDM that he agreed with Trump, but for different reasons than Trump stated.

“I certainly see it to be wise; that the US government should stop temporarily accepting any new Muslim immigrants (refugees and non refugees) into the United States; But my justification to that is based on the fact that we can hardly distinguish who is Muslim and who is not! Islam is not about an ID card or last name! or shouting “Allahu Akbar!!”

“I believe the situation nationally is getting mixed up and certainly agree with Mr. Trump on closing the door until further understanding is achieved. This should not prevent the United States to fulfill its duties towards the international partners and humanity calls outside the United States. I certainly advise Mr. Trump; not to agitate and differentiate Muslim versus non Muslim refugees. Refugees are simply hard to identify.  The history tells us; that Terror acts are usually plotted and managed by individuals who are residing, living, and knowing their way around! ; not refugees that are mostly children!”

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Contrary to what Al Sayyed said about the refugees, they are not mostly children. Upwards of 72% of them are fit men of military age.

Al Sayyed further explained why he believes that Muslims should not be allowed to immigrate to the country until federal authorities can establish a system that will keep America safe, and he didn’t just mean in relation to background checks. He also criticized American Muslims for, as he said, “not doing their job in this country”, no doubt aiming his criticism at those responsible for radicalizing others or noticing dangerous views and saying nothing.

Al Sayyed explained, “In the holy text of the holy Qur’an says the loss of one life is equivalent to killing the whole mankind.”

“But the way it happens when you see this mass shooting and when you see some people coming with such a very peaceful background and all of the sudden the … agencies are not able to figure out what’s happening, why all of a sudden this guy or this girl or that lady open fire and kill 15 people, because American Muslims are not doing their job in the country,” insisted Al Sayyed. “So we need to stop, we need to stop taking new ones until we fix the existing situation.”

Now, Al Sayyed has been forced out of his position with the mosque. He figured it was coming, but it happened even more swiftly than he expected.

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Though the mosque leaders claim that they are deliberating and will issue an official statement Saturday morning about their decision, a slip of the tongue in a statement made to KFDM shows their decision has already been made.

The mosque’s director told the station, “The board is still deliberating and will issue an official statement by Saturday. The Islamic Society does take issue with statements made by the former Imam.”

Previously, Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she would not hesitate to strip Americans of their First Amendment rights by prosecuting them if she believed speech against Muslims was hateful. There has been no statement by Lynch or Earnest on whether Al Sayyed will be prosecuted for his words.

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