Ann Coulter’s New Advice for Trump Will Make You Scratch Your Head

Trump sycophant Ann Coulter, whose recent fling with her latest RINO target, Donald Trump, is perhaps her most self-destructive yet, has gone off the deep-end again, with some advice for the bloviating billionaire that will probably leave you asking, “Is she serious?”

While it’s debatable whether there is a “new” kindler, gentler Donald Trump in the making (after all, he did call Ted Cruz “Senator Cruz” once or twice instead of “Lyin’ Ted,” after winning the primary on Tuesday in his home turf of New York. Hurray!), Coulter has apparently swallowed the media narrative that there is one, and she’s not happy about it.

Remember Trump’s getting in scalding hot water after attacking Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi on Twitter, something he later admitted was “probably” a mistake (quite the admission for the only Christian in world history to have never asked God for forgiveness)?

Well, even though following Trump’s hate tweets against Heidi Cruz, she referred to Donald Trump as having gone “mental” and that he’s like “constantly having to bail out your 16-year-old from prison,” and that she wished the bloviating billionaire would be much less “low brow,” she now longs for the version of Trump that is crass, rude and vile.

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Coulter tweeted on Friday:

“Manafort and Black” are shady “fixer” Paul Manafort and establishment RINO Charlie Black (who actually manages John Kasich’s campaign, by the way — let that sink in), who are longtime lobbyist partners who had the same firm along with partner and Trump henchman Roger Stone.

Aside from the hypocrisy of Coulter condemning Trump’s shameworthy attacks against Heidi Cruz, then spinning a complete one-eighty, longing for the “old” Trump back, folks on Twitter noticed the hypocrisy of Trump, who has been the moneybags of the establishment for decades, but has managed to paint himself as an “outsider” to his duped followers, is now surrounding himself with the same establishment stooges he was supposed to be opposing.

It’s extremely doubtful that Ann Coulter will wake up and realize she’s being played. While she’s advertised as a “conservative, she’s every bit a fraud as the latest RINO recipient of her love and devotion. Prior flings in which she got all starry-eyed and then jilted, include RINO’s Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, etc. She usually stays on her horse until the bitter end, and never seems to learn.

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Matthew K. Burke
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