Another Day, Another Epic Twitter Fail by Donald Trump

Who am I to say, but it seems to me that nothing has gotten Donald Trump in more hot water than his stubby little fingers typing feverishly into the night on his Twitter account.

Whether it’s attacking Heidi Cruz’s looks, or attacking Super PAC’s as a scam (but now he has them, so it’s all good), retweeting tweets from white supremacists, or flashback tweets from as recent as 2013, saying that he was open to amnesty for illegal aliens, his Twitter account — which he alone runs — is his own worst enemy.

Donald Trump again revealed himself to either being incredibly dishonest, one of the worst hypocrites or all time, or a thin-skinned tyrant with zero self-control (or all of the above) in his latest Twitter storm against nanny stater Michael Bloomberg, a controlist who pretends to be above the fray by masquerading as a “centrist” and “Independent” from either party.

Bloomberg eviscerated Trump during the recently completed Democratic National Convention and endorsed horrible Hillary Clinton (Because, he’s so “Independent,” you see) and here’s how Trump responded on Twitter, his favorite attack tool:

But like so many other times before, Trump’s attack tweets have backfired, because he must have forgotten that the Internet has a memory.

Here’s what Trump tweeted about Nanny Bloomberg, whose claim to fame is a regulation that stopped New Yorkers from legally ordering a 32 oz. soda. Just four short years ago, Trump was singing an entirely different tune:

Donald Trump Michael Bloomberg Twitter

Is it hypocritical? Yes. Is it another unnecessary unforced error? Of course, it is. Is it stupid? You betcha. But you have to admit, Trump slamming Bloomberg after praising him is nothing out of the ordinary for his propensity to talk out of both sides of his mouth. But hey, at least it’s not as bad as praising Hillary Clinton (and serial woman abuser Bill Clinton) after Benghazi, which he did not just on Twitter, but on national TV for the entire world to see:

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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