Anti-Freedom Baby Killer Supporting Liberal Gets Owned on Twitter in One Tweet

Last week, a 26-year old man made a decision to go into his classroom at Umpqua Community College in Roseberg, Oregon and kill. But, he didn’t want to just kill anyone. His target was very specific. He wanted to kill Christians.

His weapon of choice just so happened to be a gun. In typical liberal fashion, Barack Obama blamed not the madman who decided to kill, but instead blamed the gun, an inanimate object which can do no harm unless a trigger is pulled. Even the shooter’s father blamed the gun, rather than his son or his poor parenting in raising a monster who would commit such an act.

As we should expect, liberals followed Obama’s lead and went on the attack against not only the Second Amendment and the gun rights of Americans, they also used the heinous act committed at Umpqua Community College in which Christians were targeted for execution to attack the NRA.

One woman took to Twitter to go on the attack against the NRA. Ironically, or perhaps not so much so since liberals tend to put their hypocrisy on glaring display, the woman had the #IStandWithPP Twitter avatar as part of her profile pic.

But, not to worry, because she was schooled in one powerful tweet by Michael Deppisch.

When liberals don’t like what a conservative has to say and can’t win the argument, they typically resort to one of two things. Either they begin name-calling or they resort to profanity. The liberal in question was no different and resorted to vulgarity as her comeback. (Warning: explicit language)

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As Glenn Beck pointed out over the weekend, the number of viable children, in the third trimester, murdered in the womb in late-term abortions in just one day triples the number of people who were killed in the Umpqua Community College shooting.

The question for Obama should be, what is your end goal with gun control? Are you really trying to protect as many lives as you can? I don’t think he is. Because if so it would be more wise to require a license and a three day waiting period to have an abortion than it would to get a gun.

Obama, like so many on the left, including the idiotic Twitter user who attacked the NRA as killers while professing her support of the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood, will use a tragedy to push for their far-left, anti-American agenda of gun control to attack the Constitution, our founding document which he swore to uphold and defend.

Beck then lowered the boom and exposed Obama’s fervent support for the murder of babies in the womb that is so strong that he forces American taxpayers to pay for it, even after the heinous videos which show Planned Parenthood illegally altering abortion practices, which is a felony, in order to harvest baby organs.

Here’s the rude truth for Obama; by the time you finish reading this sentence, more innocent children will have been murdered by abortion than innocent people were killed at that school in Oregon. Except I was forced to help pay to murder those babies with my tax money, and there’s nothing I can do to stop that.

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