Anti-God Group: Christians Should Stop Praying Because it Offends ISIS!

Air Force Academy football players praying. Image Credit: Screenshot via FOX News

Yet another perfect example that progressive leftist Democrats are some of the most hateful and intolerant people on the planet.

An anti-God group is attempting to implement a form of Sharia Law in America by bullying Christians to stop praying because…it offends Muslim terrorists like those in the Obama JV team, ISIS.

A God-hating communist front group, calling itself, ironically, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is butthurt because Air Force Academy football players were — gasp — praying.

“It’s a putrid example of fundamentalist Christian supremacy, triumphalism and exceptionalism and it has to stop,” Mikey Winstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation said in a statement.

Winstein called the prayers a “disgrace” and said that the “optics” of the players praying could be used as propaganda by ISIS.

Instead of telling MRFF where they could shove it, the Air Force Academy, poisoned by political correctness — as everything is after seven years under the Obama Regime — said in a statement that it will do an “inquiry” into the matter.

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You can damn well rest assured that if it were Muslims praying, the left — for some perverted and twisted reason — would not have a problem with it whatsoever.

Watch the report below via Fox & Friends on FOX News:

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Matthew K. Burke
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