Anti-Life Baby Killer Supporters Were Shown this Video; What Happened Next is INCREDIBLE

Our society has become so devoid of any sense of morality or respect for human life that the killing of an innocent child in the womb has been argued as being “a woman’s choice.” For many who advocate for the “right” to murder these innocent babies, that murder should be able to occur up to the point of birth. One Planned Parenthood representative even argued that a baby who survived a botched abortion should be able to be killed, or left to die, while struggling for life on the table.

However, when confronted with the reality of abortion not simply in descriptive words but with a video of what actually happens during an abortion, many previous supporters of this barbaric practice had a change of heart and mind.

Live Action News showed supporters of abortion a video of former abortionist Dr. Anthony Lavontino describing and demonstrating exactly what happens during a second-trimester abortion. This is a killing of a baby in utero who is 13 to 24 weeks along.

Those who argue in favor of killing babies in the womb frequently argue that it is “just a clump of cells.” These people learned in a very graphic and realistic way that the “clump of cells” argument is a lie.

Live Action approached people on the street and asked them if they were pro-choice. To those that said yes, even up to the point of birth, they showed Dr. Levantino’s video of the procedure. After watching the video, the people who claimed to be pro-choice changed their minds on the spot. They admitted they were unaware of how developed babies are at this point in pregnancy and described the video as “inhumane.” 

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Recently, presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton did something that many on the pro-death side of the abortion argument found infuriating and that those who support a right to life of that unborn child found shocking. She admitted that the unborn child is a person but added that the unborn child should have no constitutional rights.

In other words, Hillary Clinton does not believe that unborn person has a right to life. Would she change her mind, as did these people who previously adamantly supported abortion, if she saw this video?

WATCH the video that changed the hearts and minds of abortion supporters regarding this barbaric killing of the innocent.

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