Anything But Radical Islam: NY Gov. Cuomo Floats Motive Theories [VIDEO]

Radical Islamic Terrorism — it happens all over the world, tragically on a regular basis. Yet, progressive leftist Democrats must always assume that every terrorist act that occurs, like the ones over the weekend, have to be assumed to be unrelated to Islam, the death cult that teaches as a matter of doctrine, killing the infidel — unbelievers.

Case in point is New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, who appeared with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room Monday to discuss the bombings allegedly committed by Afghan-born foreign national Ahmad Khan Rahami in New York City over the weekend.

Rather than assume his radical Islamic ideology as the motivation, which is almost always the case in these situations, Andrew Cuomo, floated every other possible motive that your typical leftist could contrive.

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“One story is that he had a wife in Pakistan — he was very upset that he couldn’t bring his wife back. Another theory is that he was much more upset about the lawsuit with the government where they closed down the family restaurant which caused hardship to the entire family, so — you know — that’s a gonna have to be sorted through in the investigation, Wolf.” 

You see, we can assume anything, immigration laws, or a lawsuit, or that he didn’t like the weather that day — literally anything. And I’m sure the many trips to Afghanistan the man took were just to have family picnics. Perhaps it was even “workplace violence.” Any kind of speculation is allowed except the 800-pound gorilla in the room — Radical Islam.

That, we must never assume.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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