AP: Hillary Clinton Emails ‘Could Have Compromised CIA Names’

There are mistakes and then there is treason. A soldier falls asleep at post and allows the enemy to overrun the position. That’s a huge mistake… but it’s a mistake.

Benedict Arnold handing-over the keys to West Point to the British? That was treason.

Hillary Clinton’s continued transmission of thousands of classified and top-secret documents over an illegally-maintained private server was not a mistake. It was a violation that was, at best, a criminal violation and at worst, treason. – It was not a mistake.

Though she and her fellow liberals in the mainstream media have attempted to downplay the seriousness of Clinton’s violations, the fact is that she violated her State Department contract and laws specifically crafted to prohibit the kind of violations of which she is unambiguously guilty.

Now, as the noose tightens, even the Associated Press has admitted that Clinton’s crimes are more serious than she’s letting on as the AP noted that her emails “could have compromised CIA names.”

When Clinton begrudgingly handed-over 55,000 State Department emails, many of the emails contained classified and top-secret information. In order for these documents to be properly reviewed by investigators, the documents had to be redacted to remove the names of assets and CIA operatives.

At least 47of the emails were redacted and labeled “B3 CIA PERS/ORG,” a designated used to denote that the redacted information pertained to CIA personnel or CIA assets.

This information was left vulnerable on an unsecured, illegally-maintained, private server. The information was left vulnerable to any bored hacker. With the goal of hacking to remain undetected, it’s entirely possible that this top-secret information was compromised.

The AP reports:

“Start with the entirely plausible view that foreign intelligence services discovered and rifled Hillary Clinton’s server,” said Stewart Baker, a Washington lawyer who spent more than three years as an assistant secretary of the Homeland Security Department and is former legal counsel for the National Security Agency.

If so, those infiltrators would have copies of all her emails with the names not flagged as being linked to the agency.

In the process of publicly releasing the emails, however, classification experts seem to have inadvertently provided a key to anyone who has the originals. By redacting names associated with the CIA and using the “B3 CIA PERS/ORG” exemption as the reason, “Presto — the CIA names just fall off the page,” Baker said.

And how are we handling Mrs. Clinton’s traitorous betrayal of national security? She just became the Democrat nominee.

Instead of throwing her in prison, Americans are considering whether she has earned a job promotion to the highest office in the nation.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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