Are You Single, Looking, and a Trump Supporter? There’s a Site for YOU!

If you are a single, in the market for meeting someone new, and are an ardent Trump supporter who can’t stand the thought of actually dating someone who doesn’t share your love, devotion to, and admiration of “Mr. Trump,” then worry no more. Two Republican friends, one who is in the entertainment industry and the other a web designer, felt there was a need for Trump supporters to find like-minded people to date. So, they formed “” not to be confused with Trump Escorts.

David Goss, an associate producer on the Syfy reality show “Face Off” and Tim Burks, a web designer, both describe themselves as long time Republicans. The two met in a darts league and believe that it is important for relationship success that couples share the same political ideology. Both are married to women who are also Trump supporters and they are hoping to produce relationship success for others with Trump Singles.

In an interview with Market Watch, Goss said, “I know two people who I worked with who liked each other a little bit and the Trump guy found out that she was a Bernie supporter and he said, ‘I don’t think I can do this.’”

“Supporters of Trump get a lot of flack. There’s so much hatred against us. There are those who absolutely despise people who support Trump. He’s a businessman, but people don’t look at that. They say, ‘You’re a racist or xenophobe or you want to see America burn down to the ground.’ It’s the same with Bernie Sanders.”

Although Goss is married to a fellow Trump supporter, he didn’t grow up in a household of like-minded political thought. His father was a Republican and his mother a Democrat. Goss shared that his father influenced his political thinking more and his parents had an agreement not to discuss politics since they didn’t see eye to eye. This experience aided in his desire to launch

The website, which caters to Trump supporters, takes a line from the Trump campaign as it vows to “Make dating great again.” The site is live and an Android and iPhone app are expected to be launched this week.

If you are content with being able to send only one message a day, then the site is free to you. However, if you want unlimited access, then it will cost you $4.95 a month. You can also opt to pay for 6 months upfront and get one month free. To date, the site has 27,500 followers on Twitter and 5,600 on Facebook but, according to Market Watch, has had only 34 people sign up on the dating site as of May 24.

A quick perusal of the Twitter feed reveals a pervasive use of language similar to that of Donald Trump including capitalizing on some of his signature words, such as “loser.”

There is also a reference to money, one of Trump’s other favorite topics.

And, of course, you can’t capitalize on Trump-speak without a reference to the show that made him a household name, “The Apprentice.”

Goss and Burks also tout the marriage of Trump to his third wife, Melania, as an example of “true love.” Let’s hope those who sign up for Trump Singles, and Melania for that matter, don’t end up like Trump’s first two wives, Ivana Trump and Marla Maples — divorced and victims of marital infidelity.

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