Arizona Couple Ordered to Take Down their American Flags, or Else…

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Darrel Amling and his wife, Kristi McCarthy, are proud American patriots. The couple decided to erect 2 American flags against the fence of their home in Glendale, Arizona. The flags are set up on three 17 foot poles and the couple love their display. Amling said, “It’s patriotic. We love the way they look.” But a neighbor didn’t like it and complained to the city. Now Amling and McCarthy are being threatened with jail time if they don’t take the flags down.

AZ Family reports that after the neighbor’s complaint, the couple was visited by an inspector and a police officer. That is when the threats by the City of Glendale began.

Amling said, “We called the City and they said take the flags down then the police won’t take you to jail.”

In regards to this situation, the city said, “The height of the flag poles makes them a safety concern.  Because the poles are over 7 feet high and because the flags span the distance between the poles they are considered a structure.”

The city said in order to keep the structure up as is, the couple would need to apply for a permit. Otherwise, they were given the deadline of Monday to lower the structure to seven feet.

But, McCarthy takes issues with the city’s analysis of the structure. She said, “Structure is not defined as a pole. Otherwise all the flag poles in people’s yards would have to be removed.”

Despite their disagreement with the city identifying their patriotic display on three flag poles as a structure in need of a permit, the couple said they are willing to pay to get the permit. But, they said the city has already told them they would not be approved.

McCarthy shared, “We’re happy to pay whatever they need us to pay for the permit, but they’ve already said we’re not going to give it to you.”

Neither McCarthy nor Amling plan to back down, and they have no plans to remove their patriotic American flag display. They will not cave to this constant attack on American flags and banners. Amling said, “We’re going to leave them up and we’re going to go see a judge on it.  We want to keep them.  We decided it’s worth the fight.” 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

Image Source: KTVK

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