Arrested for Playing the Star-Spangled Banner? Welcome to Obama’s ‘Fundamental Transformation’

Lane Pittman, a Florida guitar extraordinaire, was ticketed and fined on the Fourth of July for ‘breach of peace’ after he preformed an impromptu rendition of  “The Star-Spangled Banner” for a crowd at Neptune Beach. He originally was setting up in the middle of the street, but was told by an officer that he needed to move. He obliged the officers and moved to the sidewalk.

Pittman refuse to take a plea deal offered by prosocution to drop the charges if just submitted to community service.

“I just wanted to be as American and patriotic as I possibly could on the Fourth of July, and that’s what happened,” he told “Fox and Friends” earlier this month.

Watch Pittman’s amazing rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” reminiscent of the great guitarists of all-time (Ted Nugent?), and the crowd’s boisterous and patriotic reaction.

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This is the new “justice,” i.e., tyranny in Obama’s America.


h/t:  Fox News Insider

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Kristina Hall
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