As Expected, New York Billionaire Donald Trump Wins His Home State

As was widely predicted in all polls, bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump easily won his home state of New York on Tuesday, finally winning a majority of the Republican votes in a state for the first time.

Trump defeated both Ted Cruz and mathematically-eliminated RINO John Kasich in the very liberal state where a total of 95 Republican delegates were at stake. Professional political prognosticators have called the delegate number Trump wins in his home state crucial to him having any chance to win the magic number of delegates necessary, 1,237 — a majority — in order to win the GOP nomination at the Republican Party convention on the first ballot in July.

Trump’s home field advantage led to a decisive win. While the numbers could change, with 62 percent of precincts reporting, Trump won 59.8 percent of the vote, with John Kasich coming in second place at 25.2 percent, followed by Ted Cruz, at 14.9 percent.

The Real Clear Politics average of recent polls predicted that the New York real estate tycoon would win The Empire State by 30.3 percent. The RCP average before the New York Primary showed Trump with 53.1 percent, John Kasich with 22.8 percent and Ted Cruz was predicted to come in third place with 18.1 percent of the vote.

The delegates are distributed in New York is on a semi-proportionate basis. Each of the state’s 27 congressional districts has three delegates up for grabs, a total of 81, while the remaining 14 GOP delegates go to the statewide winner, if the candidate wins at least 50 percent of the vote. Otherwise, they’re distributed proportionally to all candidates who get at least 20 percent of the vote.

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Trump’s home court victory couldn’t have come at a better time for the chaotic campaign. Just in the past week Trump has seen the departure of his national field director, learned that he is getting sued for defamation, and saw leading Trump henchman Roger Stone go under police investigation.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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