CNN’s Ashley Banfield Loses Her Cool Over A Tweet From Trump’s Attorney

Image Credit from CNN's Legal View

CNN’s Ashley Banfield lost her cool over a tweet from Michael Cohen, executive vice-president of The Trump Organization, today.

We can all agree that Hillary Clinton is a vile, horrible, evil woman and she was directly responsible for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. However, Cohen is a lawyer and as a lawyer he has ethical standards to uphold.

Ashley was right for losing her cool over this tweet when she said, “This show is called “Legal View” because we know a thing or two about the law and Michael Cohen is a lawyer. That there is libel to suggest that a woman murdered an ambassador.”

While Michael Cohen is not in an official capacity with the Trump campaign, he has however been a long time aide to Trump.

Banfield then shared a tweet from Cohen, a Democrat, where he was excited to be received by ‘two great Americans’ back in 2014, TWO YEARS after Americans were killed in Benghazi. As you can see one of the ‘two great Americans’ is clearly Hillary Clinton. This type of behavior is not a shock coming from the Trump campaign since Trump himself has a love, hate relationship with Hillary.

Watch Banfield lose her cool in the video below:

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