Atheists Force School to Remove Bible Verse, Parents’ Response is AWESOME!

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Christianity is under attack in America. We have Barack Obama denigrating Christians, other intolerant Leftists infringing on the religious freedom of Christians, and you can always bet that the atheists are up to something, trying on a near daily basis to strip any reference to God out of society.

One of the leading groups in the attack on Christians is the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They recently targeted a school district in Texas. Though the school district caved, the parents didn’t like it one bit and responded in an amazing way.

Troup ISD is a very small school district located in East Texas, near Tyler. The district is so small that it only consists of one elementary school, one junior high, and one high school.

The district featured a verse from the Holy Bible on their website and the atheists at FFRF, who likely don’t live in the area, were enraged.

1 Samuel 14:48 – “As Goliath moved closer to attack, David quickly ran out to meet him.”

FFRF did what they typically do in an attempt to strip God out of society. They demanded the school district remove the Bible verse.

In a letter sent to Troup ISD superintendent Stuart Bird in January, FFRF said, “It is well settled that public schools may not advance or promote religion. No public school may urge religious viewpoints on students by granting special status to a religious text like the Bible.”

They continued their attack.

“Quoting a bible story about the power of the Judeo-Christian god on the school district’s website shows its preference for Judaism and Christianity over all over religions and over no religion. By doing this, the district unconstitutionally lent its power and prestige to Christianity thereby excluding the nearly 30 percent of adult Americans who are non-Christian and the more than 43 percent of millenials who practice a minority religion or no religion at all.” 

The district, perhaps out of fear of a lawsuit, replaced the Bible verse with the following.

“As the giant moved closer to attack, David quickly ran out to meet him. In Troup ISD we work to engender the spirit of attacking the problems that present themselves day in and day out. Teaching the students to run to meet the giants in their lives is a goal we fully embrace. Welcome to the Troup ISD website. We trust that you will able to find everything you are looking for and remember, you are always welcome at Troup ISD.”

Although the atheists at FFRF were satisfied, the parents were not. Their response showed that they were not going to be bullied into hiding the faith within their community by a bunch of intolerant atheists.

Brittney Taylor, a mom of two Troup ISD students, told KYTX that they will are standing up for the school and want the Bible verse back. She said, “We support our school fully, they kind of had their hands tied in the situation. We wanted to fight back for them.”

Parents are ordering shirts for their children featuring 1 Samuel 17:48 – “Our God is bigger.”

Image Source: Facebook

Image Source: Facebook

While they are fighting to get the verse put back on the website, they said they will send pictures of their kids to the intolerant, bullying atheists at the FFRF to make a point that they will not be told to hide their faith by anyone. Taylor spoke of this message about their faith and said, “It will be in our children’s hearts and they will not stop praising God because a group told them to.”

Jesse Calley, 7th grader at Troup Junior High, said, “I’m hoping that we get to put it back up because everybody should have freedom of religion.”

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