Attorney General Says DOJ Does NOT Have to Charge Hillary EVEN IF FBI Recommends it

The FBI serves within the Department of Justice as the investigative body of the United States government in certain matters. Currently, former secretary of state and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is under no fewer than four federal investigations for her continually shady conduct that includes the repeated transmission of classified and top-secret documents over a private, unsecured server.

The FBI continues to investigate the allegations that Clinton used a private email server in violation of national security protocols to escape State Department scrutiny as she used her high-ranking position to broker access to foreign officials to fund her upcoming campaign’s war chest.

Though Clinton has ducked and dodged on the issue and has offered varying answers about her conduct, intelligence officials have noted that the information she left unsecured was not only highly classified, but so top-secret that many who are investigating her do not possess the required security clearances to even view the documents to assess.

Further, intelligence officials have maintained that the outrageous breach in security has absolutely endangered American lives and the lives of foreign assets aiding Americans in foreign countries.

Still, Attorney General Loretta Lynch appears to be telegraphing her intention to let Clinton off without charges after she revealed on Wednesday that even if the FBI recommends charges be filed, the DOJ is supposedly under no obligation to file such charges.

During a Wednesday Senate hearing, Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn asked Lynch what she would do if the FBI recommended charges.

“If the FBI were to make a referral to the Department of Justice to pursue a case by way of indictment and to convene a grand jury for that purpose, the Department of Justice is not required by law to do so, are they — are you?” Cornyn asked.

Lynch did not address the question directly, but did not refute the assertion that the DOJ is under no obligation to charge Clinton. She hedged, “It would not be an operation of law; it would be an operation of procedures.” She also noted that the decision would be “done in conjunction with the agents” involved in the Clinton investigation. “It’s not something that we would want to cut them out of the process.”

Damning evidence continues to emerge even at a time when Clinton campaigns with the hopes of securing a job promotion to the presidency. Many have speculated that Obama’s so-called Department of Justice would protect Clinton and shield her from prosecution. The Obama Administration, in 2013, cloaked former Attorney General Eric Holder in a veil of alleged executive privilege to shield him from prosecution for his contempt charge that stemmed from his role in a failed ATF operation the funneled guns to Mexican drug cartels while crusading for stricter gun laws for gun owners and sellers here in the U.S.

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Greg Campbell
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