AUDIO: Will Marco Rubio Drop Out if He’s Embarrassed in His Home State?

Pro-amnesty former Gang of Eight leader Marco Rubio , who last week predicted that whoever wins his home State of Florida will go on to be the GOP presidential nominee, reveals his plans just in case he does not reign victorious in his home state of Florida.

“I believe with all my heart that the winner of the Florida primary next Tuesday will be the nominee of the Republican primary,” Rubio predicted, who thus far has only won liberal Minnesota, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., and is in a very distant third place in the delegate count behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruz .

Marco Rubio, who is polling down a whopping 18.3% to Donald Trump in the Real Clear Politics average of recent Florida GOP presidential polls, walked back his bold prediction somewhat in a radio interview on Tuesday, but more importantly revealed his plans should he lose his home state, a performance that leaves many believing should be the end of his presidential campaign.

Rubio told WDBO News Talk 96.5 FM that he plans to plod along even if he loses in Florida on Tuesday, even though losing in his home state leaves one wondering, ‘if he can’t win his home state, how can he win anywhere else?’

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“Tomorrow our plan is to be in Utah campaigning irrespective of tonight,” he revealed, according to BuzzFeed. “It would be a lot better to go to Utah being the winner of the Florida primary. It’ll give us a tremendous amount of momentum. It’ll give us 99 delegates. And that’s the way we want to do it tonight.”

Rubio then tamped down expectations, indicating that as long as he outperforms polling averages in Florida, it’s all good, even if he loses, a far different message than he was communicating just days ago.

“All these polls are crazy. They’re out of control. They’re way out of whack,” Rubio said. “I can’t guarantee a win tonight. I’m telling you, we expect to win tonight, but we are not 20 points behind. I mean, that’s absurd.”

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Based upon the current GOP delegate count, according to the New York Times, Rubio trails Donald Trump  andTed Cruz by 297 delegates and 207 delegates respectively.

Should Rubio win Florida, a winner-take-all state, he would garner 99 delegates, still leaving him significantly behind, without accounting for the other states on Tuesday where he is predicted to fall even further behind the leaders.

Candidate Delegates
Donald Trump 460
Ted Cruz 370
Marco Rubio 163
John Kasich 63

Ohio Governor John Kasich is also desperately trying to win his home state. However, much like Rubio, even if he does, he has no path to victory and is acting as only an enabler of Trump, who would likely lose to Ted Cruz in a head-to-head matchup.


h/t:  The Daily Caller

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