Author Stephen King Defends Islam After Islamic #ParisAttacks; Makes Ridiculous Moral Equivalency

Best-selling author Stephen King rushed to the defense of Islam following the Islamic terrorist attacks on Friday evening in Paris, France.

Firstly, while the attacks were ongoing, King, a radical progressive leftist, seemed to take a shot at America’s Second Amendment, or at least insinuated that it was a lack of gun control largely responsible for the attacks.

Then, as it was revealed that radical Islamic terrorists who committed the atrocity were shouting “Allahu Akbar,” an oft-repeated phrase among Muslims, Stephen King felt the need to defend the most intolerant religion — the religion responsible for all terrorism across the globe, Islam.

The problem with leftist loons like Stephen King is that they have no sense of proportion — they are are so “open-minded” that their brains, however small they may be — have completely fallen out.

Westboro Baptist Church, as vile and hateful and despicable as they are, is one ‘church’ in America, among tens of thousands. In fact, they are not even associated with the Baptist faith. It is a small handful of nutjubs practicing a religion that in no way represents the teachings of Jesus Christ of The Holy Bible.

Islamic groups like ISIS, however, are accurately representing the actual tenets taught in the Koran (or Quran), which are to “kill the infidel,” i.e., those who aren’t Muslims.

As points out, there are at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of totalitarian Islamic rule.

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In other words, ISIS is simply following the teachings of the prophet Muhammed. They are not radical or extreme considering the teachings of Islam. They are following its teachings.

Beyond that, there are over 1,000,000,000 Muslims in the world — a tiny handful that took part in the #ParisAttacks.

As Ben Shapiro pointed out, the percentage of Muslims who are are radical, i.e., support the beheaders at ISIS specifically or terrorism in general, is significantly higher than 5-10% that leftists throw around. By the way, that lowball percentage would be 50-100 MILLION radical Muslims around the world.

That would be like at a bare minimum, even taking the most radically optimistic view 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 radical Muslims in the world, that many members of the Westboro Baptist Church. Even idiots like Stephen King wouldn’t make that assertion, at least I don’t believe he would.

Shapiro destroyed the myth of the “tiny radical Muslim minority,” by pointing out poll after poll that indicated that a shockingly high percentage of Muslims are radical extremists.

For example, a 2013 poll from Pew showed that 13% of American Muslims said that violence against civilians is often, sometimes or rarely justified to defend Islam. A 2011 poll from Pew showed that 21 percent of Muslims are concerned about extremism among Muslim Americans. 19 percent of American Muslims as of 2011 said they were either favorable toward Al Qaeda or didn’t know.

In France, a full 16% of French people have positive views toward the barbaric and evil ISIS terrorists.

Furthermore, in nearby Great Britain, a 2006 poll for the Sunday Telegraph found that 40% of British Muslims wanted Sharia law in the United Kingdom, and that 20% backed the 7/7 bombers.

Europe has been invaded by millions and millions of radical Islamists Stephen King, the kind that would behead you and me in a heartbeat while praising their death cult leader.

You need to shut your appeasing pie hole, Stephen King, until you become informed. Go write a damn book. Comparing radical Islamic terrorism to the Westboro Baptist Church and Christianity is one of the worse moral equivalencies one could think of.

But then again, like a typical leftist, you are living in a delusion — and a dangerous one. I guarantee you that ISIS and their ilk will not hesitate to behead you despite your appeasement of Muslims.

h/t:  Young Conservatives

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Matthew K. Burke
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