‘Average American’ Hillary Tries to Learn How to Board the Subway, FAILS MISERABLY

I have not spent a huge amount of time on subways. Out here in the West, they’re fairly rare. However, during a brief sojourn to the Big Apple in college, I rode the subway and if I can recall, it was a fairly easy process. Buy a Metrocard, slide it through, go through the turnstile, board the train, find a seat next to a homeless man with Wonderbread bags for shoes and voila, you’re on your way.

Evidently, for New Yorker Hillary Clinton, an elitist candidate who assures Americans repeatedly that she understands the needs of Middle America, riding the subway is not only a foreign concept, but a complicated one that befuddles the woman who wants control of the nuclear football.

On Thursday, Clinton was in New York campaigning on her home turf. The former New York senator decided to conduct a photo op with her riding the subway- something she likely hasn’t done since before Bernhard Goetz.

She bought the Metrocard, but seemed to not understand how to get through the turnstile. She slid the card, but then seemed to turn it around. After repeated tries and some help from those around her, she was able to slide the card and get through.

No, her failure to navigate this simple task is not the strongest indicator of her inadequacy for the presidency. Leaving four Americans to die in Benghazi or repeatedly violating national security to maintain a secret email server are, admittedly, much better reasons to keep Clinton from the Oval Office.

However, what it does indicate is what should have always been painfully obvious: she is no “woman of the people.” She talks about the need to punish the wealthy and help the middle and lower classes with “free” government goodies, but what she consistently neglects to mention is the fact that she is a super-elite with lavish mansions and a taxpayer-funded armed security detail that she enjoys while preaching about the need to disarm other Americans.

She’s not the only elitist, either. Despite all his “man of the people” cred, Bernie Sanders recently indicated that he has not been on a subway in years. During an interview on Friday, the Brooklyn native was recently asked about how one boards a subway. He noted that one buys “tokens” and gets on.

New York hasn’t used tokens since 2003.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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