OUCH!: Chuck Todd Confronts Harry Reid with His OWN WORDS to PROVE He’s a Hypocrite

Turn on any mainstream media news channel and one will be bombarded with indignant accusations regarding those darn “obstructionist” Republicans. The move to block all Supreme Court nominees until the next president can be sworn-in has been blasted as unconscionable and illegal- a dereliction of duty by Senate Republicans who, if the mainstream media is to be believed, is duty-bound to act on the president’s nomination.

Senate Democrats have joined in this cacophony of idiocy by blasting Senate Republicans for their supposed obstructionism.

The only problem? Many of today’s democratic senators have been on the opposite side of this issue as they waited for the clock to run-out on George W. Bush’s presidency. What was “good politics” of yesteryear is now outrageous obstructionism.

One of the main sabre-rattler of the Democrat Party is outgoing Senate Minority Leader and Nevada Senator Harry Reid. He has been relentless in his assertion that Republicans are betraying their duty in delaying any vote on nominations to fill the vacancy left by Antonin Scalia’s passing.

Recently, Sen. Reid spoke with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” and Todd did what few mainstream media outlets have been willing to do: he called Reid out directly.

Playing a clip from 2005 where Sen. Reid stood on the Senate floor and maintained that the Constitution does not require the Senate to hold a vote on nominees (an assertion that is actually 100% correct), Todd highlighted the evident hypocrisy of Reid and his fellow Democrats who have so ruthlessly vilified Republicans for doing the same thing of which members of his party (and countless other politicians in our nation’s history) have been guilty.

On May 19th, 2005, Reid stated on the Senate floor, (emphasis added_

“The duties of the United States Senate are set forth in the Constitution of the United States.  Nowhere in that document does it say that the Senate has a duty to give presidential nominees a vote.”

Todd then highlighted Reid’s hypocrisy.

“And yet 11 years later, you wrote this: ‘The Senate’s constitutional duty to give a fair and timely hearing and a floor vote to the president’s Supreme Court nominees has remained inviolable,’” Todd said. “I guess I’m confused. Which is it? What has changed from 2005, when you said there was nothing in the Constitution that said a vote, to 2016?”

Reid gave a shifty answer and dodged.

“This is the same thing as you guys talk about the Biden rule. There is no Biden rule,” Reid said. “What happened then was worked out. It was an effort to try to get something done.”

Reid then promptly shifted focus and maintained that his goal over the past eight years has been to eradicate alleged Republican obstruction. “I don’t believe in it,” Reid said in reference to obstruction.

Reid appears to forget the fact that by the end of his reign over the Senate as Majority Leader, there were 356 House-passed bills stacked atop his desk that he had refused to bring to the Senate floor for a vote. 200 of these bills were passed unanimously without Democrat opposition and 98% enjoyed some form of bipartisan support.

Still according to Reid, it has been the Republicans that have been obstructing government for the past eight years.

The two bickered back and forth as Reid attempted to pretend to hold the moral high ground and Todd continued to poke holes in the flimsy argument that Republicans should be ashamed of following the text of the Constitution and employing the same tricks the Democrats employed in years past.

Though much of the mainstream media is prone to lobbing softballs and dutifully carrying the message of the left without challenge, the below clip illustrates some of the finest on-air journalism that can be found today.

Click below to see why, exactly, people find career politicians to be slimy and hypocritical.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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