Did this Hillary Clinton Supporter Just Compare Her to a Money-Grubbing Prostitute?

Democrat Delaware Senator Tom Carper , a Hillary Clinton supporter, used extremely weird and uncomfortable — embarrassing and awkward actually — song lyrics to describe the Democrat frontrunner in front of a pro-Hillary crowd.

This comes after Clinton has already been under fire from Bernie Sanders about her $250,000, 45-minute speeches given to Wall Street, leading his supporters to shower her with dollar bills in mockery, and even referring to her as a “corporate democratic whore.”

As you can see below, Senator Carper thought it would somehow make Hillary Clinton look good by reciting the words to Donna Summer’s 1983 classic disco song, “She Works Hard for the Money,” and robotically ask the crowd to repeat the words with him — words that are describing a…prostitute:

“‘She works hard for the money,’” Carper recited. “‘So hard for the money. She works hard for the money. So we better treat her right.’”

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Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. And, by the way, Tom Carper isn’t going to exactly win any personality of the year awards. He sounds nearly as robotic as Hillary Clinton does.

So just remember this messaging, folks. Hillary Clinton works hard for her money just like a prostitute — or something.

In case you weren’t around in 1983, here’s the late great Donna Summer (full disclosure — I had a major crush on her in high school) singing the classic hit.

h/t:  Mediaite

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Matthew K. Burke
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