It’s Been a Very Bad Week for Alyssa Milano

Actress and Atkins diet spokesperson Alyssa Milano is going to rethink going on Twitter after she got burned by Ben Shapiro, editor of the Daily Wire.

Milano, who was a vocal supporter of corrupt, serial liar Hillary Clinton, who faced an investigation by the FBI while she was running for president, took to Twitter with a lame and hypocritical dig at President Trump after the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB), the largest non-nuclear bomb in our military’s arsenal.

Keep in mind when FBI Director James Comey announced that Hillary would not face charges for EmailGate, he said that anyone else who did what she did would have likely faced criminal consequences. That makes Milano’s tweet just plain, ol’ dumb and reeking with hypocrisy.

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Leave it to Shapiro to point out for Milano the obvious nature of her hypocrisy.

Of course, the answer is no. Hillary Clinton was the Teflon queen…untouchable. Nothing was or is ever her fault. That mindset makes it nearly impossible to take her sycophantic cheerleaders seriously.

On Wednesday, Milano got into with Townhall’s Katie Pavlich after complaining about the MOAB being used against ISIS. Just like a naive liberal, Milano thinks we can hug terrorism away.

Such a feeble mind is no match for Katie Pavlich who had this lowering the boom comeback.

Conservatives: 2 – Alyssa Milano: 0.

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