BANNED From a Crowd-Funding Site, this Entrepreneur is Asking for Help with His BRILLIANT Shotgun Device

While patriots must be forever on-guard against legislative attacks upon our Second Amendment rights, we must remain mindful of the fact that the battle against the right that protects all others is also a cultural one.

In today’s corporate world, it is considered chic to be anti-gun. Google, Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist and virtually the entirety of the online commerce world are decidedly anti-gun and carefully pick-and-choose what, if any, firearm-related products will be included for sale.

Stores routinely designate themselves “gun-free,” mistakenly believing that criminals will abide by such ludicrous assertions.

Even crowd-funding sites are turning away from the business of firearms and firearm-related products. Recently, an upstart company with a fantastic idea sought an infusion of capital to launch their company into the firearms accessories market. However, they were shut-down for reasons that do not seem clear at all.

Aridus Industries has created a prototype accessory that should prove to be a hit with shotgun enthusiasts if they could fund their endeavor.

Aridus created a shotgun shell carrier that can quickly be removed and replaced. For anybody who has ever used a tactical shotgun, the limitations of the weapon is quite noticeable: a tube mag can hold only between 4-7 rounds. Many place a plastic shell carrier on the receiver or butt, but once those five or so rounds are expended, what’s left? Fumbling around in your pockets or bandoliers for more ammo.

The quick-detach shell carrier eliminates that problem. Bob Owens at has used the device and describes it thusly:

It features an AK-like paddle mag release which enables a user to switch out the six-shot shell carrier bodies in just a couple of seconds, keeping a fresh supply of ammo on the gun.

The six-pack carrier bodies also fit common AR-15 magazine pouches, so shotgun users can easily set up rigs to carry as many carrier bodies as needed.

It’s a brilliant concept, well executed, and heavily tested with full-house loads.

Roth now merely needs an injection mold to go into full production, but ran into a snag last night when the crowd-funding site he’d planned on using—one that has crowd-funded 80% lower receivers for AR-15 and 1911 frames—suddenly and unexpectedly denied him the right to use their crowd-funding tool.

Sadly, this is par for the course, as none of the major crowd-sourcing sites will allow gun companies or even firearm accessory companies like Aridus Industries to raise funds, even though they allow all sorts of other absurd-to-crude ventures.

In truth, I would happily buy one for my shotgun. And the fact that these carriers fit like mags in a vest? That’s the clincher for me.

However, without an infusion of cash, the company may not get off the ground.

Any crowd-funding site must have a belief in the free market system and to arbitrarily pick-and-choose what inventions can be funded and which cannot is un-American on several levels.

Watch the promotional video below; it’s pretty cool. And, if you’re interested, please check-out Aridus’ site as they now must rely upon their own crowd-funding efforts to fund the creation of this awesome and long-overdue invention.

And, of course, share this article so that your friends and family can join the Aridus effort if they wish.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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