Barack Obama Cracks a Joke as He Talks About Munich Terrorist Attack [VIDEO]

Americans have grown accustomed to hearing anger in Barack Obama’s voice as he harkens back to his community agitator days condemning the police for “systemic racism,” speaking in support of Black Lives Matter, or defending Islam following a terrorist attack by a Muslim as a “religion of peace.” Contrast that to the fact that as he speaks out an Islamic terrorist attack there is virtually no emotion in his voice unless he’s defending Muslims. But, what he did today as he spoke of the

But, what he did today as he spoke about the terrorist attack in Munich, Germany is absolutely unconscionable.

While police have described this as a terrorist attack, they do not yet know the identities of the terrorists. They’re unsure if this was the work of ISIS, an ISIS-sympathizer, a home-grown radicalized terrorist. But the reality is the same.

Regardless who it was or why, there are at least six people dead, more injured, and the shooters are still on the loose. One would not expect the President of the United States to crack a joke as he is making remarks about the attack but that is precisely what Obama did.

Not only did Obama crack a joke, he had to make the moment about himself as he inserted himself into the story.

As he talked about our way of life in the West being under attacked, he began talking about raising your children, watching them graduate from high school, leaving their father….

All the while, he’s smiling then says as he snickers and reporters laugh, “I’m sorry. I’m getting a little too personal.”

Talk about insensitive and tacky.

What the hell is wrong with him? Does he think terrorism is a joke? Based on how he has dealt with terrorist attacks, far too often blaming it on the gun rather than the terrorist in order to push his gun control agenda, the answer to that is probably yes.

How long again until this putz is out of office?

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Jennifer Burke
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