Before You Continue Your Donald Trump Cheer Fest, WATCH This

Donald Trump has won the hearts and support of many within the conservative base with his strong stand against illegal immigration. Never mind that he has in the past said that he supports a pathway to citizenship and he hasn’t quite retracted those statements, he has tapped into a nerve with the American people by calling out, and rightly so, sanctuary cities which provide safe haven for illegals. Most recently, Kate Steinle was murdered in a sanctuary city by an illegal foreign invader, and sadly she is just one of many.

But, before anyone jumps on the Donald Trump for President bandwagon, it is important to fully understand what The Donald stands for. Although he talks a good game, he has been long on platitudes and short on specifics.

Gee, who does that sound like?

The future of this country is too important to ignore the background of each candidate, what they’ve stood for, as well as who and what they’ve supported, beyond the soundbites being blurted out now.

A new video has surfaced of Trump back in 2004 stating unequivocally that he identifies as a Democrat. In addition, he had glowing words for his friend Hillary Clinton. Even more disturbing, he claimed that the American economy has seemed to do better under Democrats. Even after being reminded of Jimmy Carter, Trump simply tries to skip past that fact.

The clip from 2007 isn’t much better.

Now, for those who may be saying, “that was a long time ago, people evolve.” Keep this in mind. If you look at Trump’s political affiliation over nearly three decades, it seems he has picked a party based more upon political expediency than principles.

Business Insider breaks down Trump’s ever-changing political affiliation.

Americans can change their political orientation over time—Ronald Reagan did it—but you’d be hard-pressed to find a Republican who during the last 28 years has variously listed his voter registration as Republican, Independence Party, Democrat, Republican again, and (as recently as 2012) registered himself in New York as “decline to state.” In the midst of that orgy of fickleness, Trump ran briefly for president—as a Reform Party candidate.

Be sure you are knowledgeable about whichever candidate you decide to back. There is no shame in becoming an informed voter. The future of this country is depending on you.

h/t: Louder with Crowder

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Jennifer Burke
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