Ben Carson Addresses Donald Trump’s ‘Twitter’ Obsession; Is He Right?

To say that Donald Trump has a penchant to tweet would be putting it mildly. The man has an obsession. It is one of his favorite vehicles for ridicule and attack. Even worse, it’s like he doesn’t think before he presses the ‘enter’ button to send a tweet.

As a result, he not only sends out insulting tweets, he has also retweeted tweets by white supremacists, frequently, and has a tendency to express what is on his mind in that instant for all the world to see on Twitter. Most recently, immediately after the EgyptAir plane disappearance, Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, tweeted that it was an act of terrorism.

Now, I’m sure he is not the only person to think that. Heck, my initial thought was that it was terrorism as well. After all, a plane doesn’t just disappear from the sky in mid-air. The fact that the plane was headed to Egypt also led me to believe that it was likely an act of terrorism.

But, I’m not running for president.

It has been more than a day since the EgyptAir plane disappeared and many officials in various countries now say, as the investigation is ongoing, that it appears as though it was terrorism, though they still do not know with certainty and are still investigating.

Trump, however, stood by his initial tweet and unequivocally stated at a campaign event in New Jersey that if you think anything counter to what he does on the matter, then you are 100% wrong.

“What just happened about 12 hours ago? A plane got blown out of the sky, and if anybody thinks it wasn’t blown out of the sky, you’re 100 percent wrong, folks.”

Dr. Ben Carson, a former GOP presidential candidate who Donald Trump called a “sick puppy” and likened to a child molester, now serves as a surrogate for Trump. During an appearance on FOX News’ “America’s Newsroom” with Martha MacCallum, Carson addressed Trump’s EgyptAir tweet and said he was just “expressing his opinion.” Carson added, “Everyone expresses an opinion. “I suspect when the dust settles, there will be mischief implicated in this crash.”

Dr. Carson then alluded to the possibility that Trump may not have a spokesperson or might possibly have one to entertain “different possibilities.”

But as president, Carson would expect Trump to “entertain all the different possibilities, and more than likely as president, he’s going to have a spokesperson. And they are going to be issuing statements and they will be talking about the different possibilities.”

Then came the big question about Trump’s tweeting. Will he tweet or won’t he as president? Will he give up his Twitter benders if he makes it into the Oval Office? Carson seems to think that he will.

“He will be too busy for that,” said Carson. “It will not only be the crash, it will be things going on in Iraq, things going on in North Korea, things going on in the South China Sea. He will be dealing with a lot of things and won’t have time to be tweeting about that.”

Trump has found time to tweet on the busy campaign trail with some of his most questionable tweets coming late at night.

So, will Trump continue to tweet or not? If he can pull off a victory against Hillary Clinton after running a scorched-earth campaign during the GOP primary, then only time will tell.

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